Managing Your Gifts: a troubleshooting manual that helps you stay sane while using your psychic gifts -

Managing Your Gifts EBook

- the intuitive’s driver manual - 

When I was first developing my abilities and then, my business, I had no one to turn to. I struggled, stressed and over-analyzed every little situation that happened and whether or not I was doing it right or messing it all up. I felt like I was continually climbing a ladder and with each rung I gained, I was thrown back another three.

When it comes to dealing with anything psychic, figuring out what it all means can be hard and one of the most overwhelming parts.  Then on top of that, figuring out how to apply what it means can be even harder. The road can be rough and rocky, but I eventually overcame these confusing times and since then, I’ve helped hundreds more do the same.

over the years, i’ve coached hundreds of students, clients and regular people just like you on how to both manage their gifts and enjoy them . . . while navigating and avoiding rocky parts of the road.

Want to get a Spirit to leave?

Wondering about a psychic attack?

Have a client that demands a refund?

Figuring out how to get your partner to support you?

Need a good way to deal with saying no to family and friends?

I’ve answered these questions and many more in my eBook - Managing Your Gifts. 

The Managing Your Gifts EBook

In the Managing Your Gifts eBook, I cover over 40+ of the most commonly asked troubleshooting questions asked by intuitives at every level of the game. This ebook contains 4 essential troubleshooting sections:

your own abilities

This section covers questions related to turning up or turning down your gifts, dealing with spirit energy, incoming psychic energy and how to deal with, change or enhance the type of information you’re getting.

dealing with other people

This section focuses on questions dealing with relationship changes, skeptical family members, non supportive spouses, and unsolicited reading/advice requests from friends and family.

navigating spirits

This section covers the most commonly asked questions in dealing with all things Spirits: get them to leave, stay or talk to you, get them to pipe down, out of your children’s room or help them off to the Other Side. All this and more is answered here.

clients & business

This section is helpful to any intuitive practitioners who share their gifts publicly with the world - whether they do it for free or for pay. Learn how to deal with hate mail, pro-bono requests and unhappy customers who seek refunds.

this ebook is more than just a problem - solution manual for all things psychic and spirit.

this is the driver’s manual for your gifts.

This eBook provides you with the solutions to the problems you’ll most likely face - before you face them.

When each question is answered, you'll receive the insights on why this situation has happened, the step-by-step process you'll take to remediate it  and lesson learned philosophies moving forward. All answers have been collected, streamlined and distilled from the successes, the failures and mistakes made by both your peers and yours truly.

This eBook teaches you what you need to know while sparing you years of hardship. The best part is, the information you'll find within it is valued at over $3,500.00. Why? The type and amount of information this eBook includes would normally take me at least 13 individual private coaching sessions to cover with you, if we were working together one-on-one.

To make sure the information in this eBook is accessible to the highest number of people, I've priced this eBook pretty low - but don't let the price fool you. This eBook is loaded with information. 

when you purchase managing your gifts, you’ll receive:

  • Answers to 40+ of the most commonly asked troubleshooting questions among intuitives (and intuitive practitioners)

  • Over 13 private coaching sessions worth of spirit solutions, psychic tricks and self fixing techniques

  • And most importantly: immediate, budget friendly solutions to those problems

Managing Your Gifts EBook

From clearing your home of Spirits to dealing with fraud accusations with poise and dignity, this eBook covers it all.

cost: $14.95

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