The Intuitive Professionals Kit - advanced your psychic business, learn how to give professional readings with a guide and increase your earnings -

The Intuitive Professionals Kit

advance your business - tighten up your readings - increase your revenue

This kit was designed especially for you.

As an intuitive myself, I know how challenging it can be to navigate the business world, while still providing professional, timely and creative services to clients, on a continual basis.

Knowing what to offer, how to offer it and how and when to charge can be confusing and in this kit, I break it down in an easy to understand way. The tools are all highly implementable and the information within has been distilled from thousands of hours of my own private coaching sessions and case study formulas. 

This kit features the limited edition ebook, How-To Guide: Give Readings You Could Sell, which has been expanded upon and was brought back by popular demand, exclusively for this kit.

Along with many other great features, this kit includes exclusive access to high-impact reports and note sheets, that are typically reserved for those in the Membership Program. See below for more. 

The Intuitive Professionals kit includes: 

A copy of the how-to guide: give readings you can sell (expanded edition) ebook

Back by popular demand and with new and improved additions, such as, pre and post session checklists. This guide includes everything you need to know to give professional readings in a concise, compact and double-distilled 56-page power guide. It's available only in this kit and is free with purchase of a one-month membership program. 

this exclusive series of advanced reports, typically reserved for website members

special report: Suggested Pricing Structures for Professional Readings

Identify pricing margins that are alignment with industry standards, provides ideas for session types you could offer, and offers pricing ranges for beginning, medium and advanced level intuitives 

special report: Leave Your Day Job Transition Plan: Based On Your Spiritual Writings

A tried and tested exit plan for making a living based on your writing that'll help you leave your day job to do what you love

special report: Leave Your Day Job Transition Plan: Based On Your Readings

A transition plan for getting your business and client base up and running, complete with suggested timelines and work schedules

short notes: The Psychic's Cheat Sheet for Distance Readings

A One-Sheet for distance readings, this is a front to back memorization sheet outlining proper style, complete steps and procedure for giving a chargeable professional distance reading via email

short notes: The Psychic's Cheat Sheet for Live Readings

A One-Sheet for in-person, phone or video readings, this is a front to back memorization sheet outlining the style, steps and procedure to giving a chargeable professional live reading via telephone or in person

21-day Enrollment in the Marketing for Mediums email course

A 21-day email course that includes essential business boosting tips for increasing your client base and increasing your revenue, all while decreasing your stress levels

Retails for $79.95 

This is an incredible value. Other kits with information are currently being sold for $300 and up. 

I wanted to make a kit that provided useful information from someone in the industry, at less than 1/3 of the price it would cost elsewhere. 

So I did - and here it is. 

Get everything you need to Start and Accelerate a Business

advance your business - tighten up your readings - increase your revenue

The Intuitive Professionals Kit



 includes these digital goods: 

One (1) .pdf ebook, five (5) independent reports, one (1) 21-day email course

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