Intuitive Coaching With Amanda

private coaching typically available upon request


  • Last up to one hour (60 minutes)

  • Billed via PayPal upon booking, payable 48 hours in advance of your appointment to confirm your spot

  • Available via Telephone or Zoom Webinar (internet video conference), with a recording available on Zoom

  • All include spiritual guidance and are best for getting more clarity into a cloudy issue, if you’re going through a change, or if you are looking for specifically tailored tips on opening/dealing with your gifts - empathetic or spiritual


  • $135/hr for website members

  • $185/hr for non-members


Contact support@amandalinettemeder.com to inquire or book. We’ll send you dates and times, and more information to book. Once the appointment is confirmed, we’ll send out the invoice payable up to 48 hours in advance to confirm. Sales are final for private coaching, please read more on the terms and conditions for private appointments here.

If you are looking for another type of service, please check out these helpful resources to find what you need:

Other ways to work with me:

  • Sign-Up For Essential Oils with me as your Sponsor through Young Living - I can help you get started with oils once you’re signed on as a member and answer any questions you have about working with oils for energy, mood, vibration, and emotional management, or for helping the clients you have with those same concerns.

  • Join The Membership Program - this is the monthly intuitive coaching, development and networking program on the site. The gem of the website. This features a private Facebook Group, a Member Directory for those with a business, and Monthly Calls. It features more than just oils and includes meditations, development prompts, and practice and networking opportunities with other intuitives. If you’re already a member of one or the other, both are helpful.