The Medium's Toolkit, by Amanda Linette Meder

How to Guide:

Give readings you could sell

A pragmatic, step-by-step manual moves away from traditionalist mediumship techniques and teaches an easy-to-follow style of mediumship that anyone can apply and use for offering quality readings - for your business, for family and friends, and for yourself. 

In this 56-page manual, I outline:

  • The best practices formats for spirit-based (mediumship) readings as taught to live students.

  • The answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding what types of sessions you can offer.

  • Guidance on how to offer them, how to accept payment, how to deal with disrespectful clients and so much more.

The How-To Guide: Give Readings You Could Sell

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How-To Guide to Giving Psychic Mediumship Readings