Sponsored Posts & Affiliate Partnerships

submission requirements for guest articles, sponsored posts, affiliates and promotional content

With an audience size on average of 200k+ unique visitors a month and millions each year, AmandaLinetteMeder.com is a great place to promote your brand. 

We do accept paid sponsorships and affiliate post proposals. Please include your budget and vision for the scope of the partnership in your introductory email.

Reviews and promotional content take a lot of time, and Amanda personally enjoys doing them. For that reason, they often include professional photographs taken by Amanda, a detailed article or series featured on the website and social media about your product/service, as well as links back to your site.

If you have something you think our readers would like, something you’d like to see featured on the blog, or something for Amanda to write about or review, please email management @ amandalinettemeder.com. While we try to look through as many of the submissions that we do get, we sometimes cannot reply to all requests that come in, though we still want to thank you for considering your product, ideas or insight as a good fit for readers of this site.

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