Donations, Gifts and Contributions

Thank you for your interest in supporting Amanda and her work.

Currently, the best way to do support Amanda and her work is to: 

  • Become a recurring member of her website (link to join)
  • Purchase a few e-books, meditations and courses
  • Spread the love! Share the work with the people who may need it most
  • All gifts and letters of love may be sent to: 1623 Salford St. P.O. Box 141 Salford, PA 18957

all monetary donations please send to:

 The Center for Loss and Bereavement 

Located in Skippack, Pennsylvania

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization who provides counseling in continuing bonds after loss and financial support to families who have lost a sole income earner and are in need of time and support in adapting to that transition. 

Thank you!