Gifts and Contributions

Thank you for your interest in supporting Amanda and her work.

The best way to support Amanda is by becoming a recurring member of her website (link to join), making a purchase, or, by simply sharing the work of all mediums with the people who need it most. 

For those who'd prefer to provide cash donations or provide monetary support - 

please Forward all cash, gifts, and monetary donations on amanda's behalf to:

the Help ghost ship fund

Committed to survivors of our friends lost to the fire. A running list of contributions and ways to donate/participate can be found here: 

the Center for Loss and Bereavement

A 501(c)3 who provides counseling in continuing bonds after loss and providing financial support to families who have lost a sole income earner.

The water keepers

The largest 501c(3) solely focused protecting the rights of drinkable swimmable and fishable waters in your community and those beyond.

Choose one or all to give. Thank you so much for your support.