Energy Healing Meditations: A Set of two

for relationship and self healing

Ground, center and clear your emotional, energetic and thought body , while healing the karma of any and all of even your most difficult relationships. 

Perfect for life transitions, equinoxes, moons, family feuds, and break-ups. 

This series of two (2) guided meditations includes:

  • Self (Aura) Healing - 10:35
  • Relationship Healing - 9:00

designed to heal your emotional and energetic state, and then heal the balance of your relationships. 

By working with these meditations, you'll return to your pure, optimal state of vibration, as you release the emotions, thoughts and barriers placed on you by others. You become grounded, centered and complete as you listen to this meditational series that includes channeled messages from the Angelic Realms. 

Focusing both on the self and the other, this meditation set balances the healing dynamic within yourself and within your relationships. In both meditations, we connect you with your Higher Self and link you to Higher state of guidance - a state that you can then operate in for your life. 

Use the meditations to balance, clear and heal your emotional and energetic state and when you have a relationship in your life that is in need of reunion, healing, or clearly communicating. The Relationship Healing Mediation is my personal favorite to have on hand for resolving arguments!

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Music provided by Thaddeus & Voice Over by Amanda Linette Meder.