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Home Study Courses

Self-led courses. Material is metered out and sent daily, throughout the length of your program.


Ebooks & Guides

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Picture of eBook,  Transitions: A guide for Releasing Ghosts and Spirits from Stuck Spaces

Transitions: a guide for crossing over

$7.95. Healing most spirit related issues in homes today. 

eBook,  From Crossing Over to Connection: A Guide to Life After Death

from crossing over to connection: life after death

$8.95. Answering the most frequently asked questions of the afterlife. 

eBook,  The Medium's Toolkit: A Handbook for New and Developing Psychic Mediums

The medium's toolkit: a handbook for new mediums

$12.95. A guide to understanding, identifying and using your gifts. 

Managing Your Gifts: A Problem Solution Manual for Staying Sane in a Psychic's World

managing your gifts: a troubleshooting manual

$14.95. A troubleshooting manual for your gifts. 

eBook,  Spiritual Security: A Psychic Protection eBook

spiritual security: a psychic protection manual

$16.95. Handle negative energy and lower vibrations in both realms, with grace. 

eBook,  Spirit Identification Key

the spirit identification key: a step by step guide

$17.95. Identify the spirits coming to your home, your readings, and into your life. 

eBook,  How To eGuide: Create Edit and Sell Guided Meditations

this guide comes as a gift with membership

eBook,  How To Guide: Space Clearing for yourself, your space, and your life

this guide comes as a gift with membership

eBook,  How-To-Guide: Give Readings You Could Sell

this guide comes as a gift with membership



Best downloaded to a computer first, then later uploaded to a mobile device, all meditations are sent as Mp3 digital downloads following successful checkout. 


Amanda's daily meditation

$8. My favorite! Grounding, clearing and protecting all in one. 10:00 minutes.


spiritual gateway meditations 

$24. A series of three guided meditations designed to connect you to your Spirits. 44:00 minutes. 


energy shielding meditation

$7. Protect your energy from everyday negativity. 10:00 minutes.


Bundled Kits

meditations, courses and eGuides bundled together for checkout in helpful jumpstart kits