From Crossing Over to Connection - an book on connecting with the spirit world. A list of the most commonly asked questions from those who are grieving, this eBook answers 50+ of the most common questions regarding life after death.

From Crossing Over to Connection:

A Guide to Life after Death

Have you recently lost a loved one? Have questions about what has happened to them in the afterlife? Wondering how to sense their presence or what the signs are that they visit? This book answers the most commonly asked questions about the afterlife, from psychic medium Amanda Linette Meder.

The Crossing Over to Connection EBook

This is the long awaited eBook answers over 50+ of the most commonly asked questions from clients and those who have lost someone that they love. 

Since childhood, I’ve had the unique ability to both see and hear the deceased. 

After struggling with my gifts during my early teenage and adulthood years, I finally embraced my gifts and began giving professional readings after the death of my father in 2006. While pursuing a Master of Science, I launched a popular spiritual teaching and education blog on this website, which now receives over 2 million visitors a year. 

I’ve provided thousands of readings for clients and through the growth of this blog, I’ve received thousands of reader questions about the life after death process. It is through the blending of these two processes - readings and answering frequently asked questions - that has inspired the information contained within this book. 

This eBook is fun and informative to read and is written in question and answer format, as this is how the information has been received.

The From Crossing Over to Connection eBook answers such questions as:

What happens in the case of suicide?

Is my loved one crossed over? How can I tell?

Help! I'm not sensing my loved ones presence. What am I doing wrong?

What can I do to actually get a sign and how do I know it is one when I receive it? 

And my personal favorite, My spouse/partner/girlfriend is in Spirit, do they approve of me seeing other people? 

I answer these questions in a straightforward and concise way, and the information is presented to you in the way it was received - via question and answer format. Both those experiencing the loss of their loved ones and mediums alike can gain valuable information from this one-of-a-kind compilation of work. 

Chances are, if you have a question about the afterlife, your answer is found within. 


From Crossing Over to Connection: A Guide to Life After Death

a 39-pg eBook dedicated to answering your most commonly asked questions of life after death

The From Crossing Over to Connection:

A Guide to Life After Death 


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