Core balance attunement Meditations:

A Set of four

a collaboration between amanda linette meder and her sister, sarah petruno shamanism 

Crystal earth, ascended sky, mother ocean, father tree

Twin sisters and spiritual teachers, Amanda Linette Meder and Sarah Petruno, bring to you the wisdom, healing, and divinity of the devic, and spiritual realms in a series of four guided attunement meditations:

The Core Balance Attunements

join sarah (amanda's twin sister) and amanda as they guide you to:

Link to the Ascended Masters

Tap into the Healing Crystals of the Earth

Experience the Power of Mother Ocean

Infuse Yourself with the Ancient Wisdom of the Olive Tree

These attunement meditations are designed to activate you, nurture you, and unite you with the wisdom of all realms.

this set is available for just $33 and includes a meditation each, from:

crystal earth

A meditation for power charging, goddess embodiment, and ascension, guided by Amanda Linette Meder

ascended sky

A meditation for solar healing, claiming your birthright gifts, and tapping into your inner oracle, guided by Amanda Linette Meder

mother ocean

A mediation for renewal and rejuvenation of emotional, feminine energy, guided by Sarah Petruno

father tree

A meditation for rising in abundance, self confidence and masculine energy, tapping into your manifestation potential, guided by Sarah Petruno

Attune and infuse with the earthen and spiritual realms

4 powerful mp3 tracks included in your purchase

Total run time: 53 Minutes

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Music provided by Thaddeus & Voice Over by Amanda Linette Meder.