Why Psychic Business Gets Slow (And What You Can Do To Ride The Wave)

Intuitive Business

Imagine things are humming right along and business suddenly takes a dip, which would normally be fine, but then it keeps dipping, dipping, dipping, seemingly to never recover, into an endless black hole of sorrow. 

This can be startling. And it some cases, it can cause you to question your path.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there a glitch on my website??

Maybe I should offer a package???

These are the questions that will normally run through anyone’s mind during a dry spell - and especially so, the intuitive entrepreneur, whose mind has been trained to question, examine, and look deeper into everything. It can be your own worst enemy, or your best friend, ain't that the truth. 

You may already be thinking to yourself, that you could even use some of those psychic abilities of yours to see what may be going on, or perhaps have look at your cards even. Neither of these things are a bad idea at all.  

But first, let’s cut to the chase: a little slow down can actually help your business.

Human beings are natural spiritual beings in a human body, and while living on this earth, they all go through natural periods of rest and evolution, wax and wane, winter and summer, that mimic the earth’s rhythms.

Your business is going to grow as you grow and your business will mirror these same natural cycles as it grows with you.

Do you run an intuitive business? Have you been focusing on picking up traffic, gaining more clients? Worried about a little slow down? It's normal to have to deal with slow business at any phase in your career and often times it can be a sign something good is happening - Soulpreneur | Intuitive Business Tips

The reality is, if you were a bird, you couldn’t be soaring forever.

Likewise, if you were a crop, you couldn’t be producing grain forever.

At some point, your crop fields must run fallow for a period of time, for nutrition generation purposes. You may rotate to a new crop, switch field, germinate new seedlings, or simply just need to add fertilizer and till.

Slow down times can help you do this.

Think of your business is a crop. Periodically rotating where you get your inspiration and your revenue will help encourage new growth in all areas.

When business gets slow, it’s also important to remember your audience is a group of highly evolved souls. These are people who want to learn, who self-start, and who are motivated to make a difference in the world. This is your audience.

These are your people and they learn fast.

They also learn in soul groups. Highly evolved souls typically sit and work with other highly evolved souls, consciously and unconsciously, and these highly evolved soul groups typically evolve together. Meaning, they come in together and they graduate together. This is why you’ll see big swells at one time, or during certain seasons.

As new groups of highly evolved souls find your website, each soul group will ‘graduate’ together from your work, and there will be 2-3 month periods while your teaching group transitions from one soul group to the next soul group. This is true if you were a life coach, a tarot reader, or a product. All things true. 

Think of this like graduating classes or cohorts.

The good news is that unless you've died, poofed off social media, or shut down your website, your stuff is being eyed by new freshmen classes all the time, and likewise, you're graduating other classes, equally, all the time. So if you’ve been humming along for quite a while, and everything was fine, then suddenly your business takes a dip - this is could be why. Your business's main soul group is now graduating.

But before you freak out - check your numbers - sometimes what seems like a slow down spiritually, could actually mean things are picking up physically.

Whether your ‘normal’ business is private sessions, classes, readings, or whatever it is, you may want to have a backup cushion or two in place.

A cushion could be any other revenue generating thing in your basket that makes money while your main thing takes a dip, and as it does, it gives you a well deserved and much-needed break.

That's another reason for slow business - you may need a business break. Your business is slow, because your soul needed a rest. Or maybe it needed time doing other things. Have you been wishing for less complicated work like spreadsheets, and then when given spreadsheets for eight months, curse the Universe? 

If so, this is actually a gift - enjoy those spreadsheets and the new music you’ll learn as you do them!

In either event, dips are normal and can symbolize a growth period, a switch in the fertile fields for your work, or the transition to a new group of prospects, students, clients, and friends. However, having a resiliency plan - a cushion - is a good idea - for your business model.

If you don’t already have a business cushion or two, start developing it now.

Create a new product, put out a series of blogs that draw new readers to your site, or start advertising in a different area or different way than you had before. Think of something that you previously haven’t focused on before, or have previously ignored completely, and focus on developing that.

Remember, your business is a crop, so you'll periodically want to rotate your fields and give attention to new avenues that you previously hadn’t considered in the past and slow down. Speeding up a cycle of life can lead to over-harvesting and yes, ultimately devastation.

Think of your slow down time as a period at the train station and you, the speeding bullet train that's stopped there. Time to refuel, let off old passengers, gather new passengers, to socialize and to check out and enjoy the scenery.

Slow business time is a great time to get all around your around-the-office-chores done like taxes, organizing your files, too. Doing so will prepare you for the high times again when you’re soaring and back off the ground. 

Until next time, all in perfect timing. 

Amanda Linette Meder