Why Psychic Mediums Charge So Much For Their Readings

A music artist has a gift, but they charge for their cds and tickets to their live shows. 

A oil painter has a gift, but they charge for personally commissioned works and the pieces from their collection you take home with you. 

A doctor has a gift, but he pays for his surgeries and for the amount of time you stay in the hospital under recovery. 

A therapist has a gift, but she charges for the hours you sit in her chair. 

Okay, enough! Amanda we get it.

They all have gifts and we pay for them. 

The doctor, the therapist, the musician and the painter... they have to pay for supplies, their schooling, the overhead of the place where they do their work, for their malpractice insurance, and so on...

And as does the medium. 

While each of the above persons has a gift, they have to charge for it into keep offering it to the world in a respectable way. To upkeep their supplies, to keep their practice up and running, to put up every month for the utilities that light the very room you sit in. 

Every one of those individuals above isn't a heartless animal either. 

They still give free health advice to their daughters, old tubes of paint to their sister, takes people who reach out with no money, under their wing. 

And as does the medium. 

When you get into the upper tiers of pricing, there can be many reasons for why a particular medium may charge more for their sessions than other mediums do. 

Here are a few possible reasons: 

Demand management. 

Once a medium gets to a certain level in their business, they have to figure out how to deal with managing the number of people who want readings with the number of hours in the day and the amount of energy in their bank. 

Upping your lower pricing limit can help to meter bookings and allow your clients to get in faster or conversely, to manage demand, you could lower your pricing limit, but then have a 1.5 year waiting list instead for people to get in. There are benefits and drawbacks in both, but when demand gets high enough, a strategy must be formed and higher pricing is one of them. 

Business administration costs. 

As Bob Olsen mentions in his post, Why Do Some Psychic Mediums Charge So Much, he mentions there is a lot more than meets the eye for what goes into each and every hour session delivered.

In my post, What Really Goes into Your Private Reading, I mention that most psychics generally spend somewhere between between 2-5 hours time in dealing with the admin of a single session, so this behind the scenes time often gets wrapped into pricing unmentioned. 

The bigger a medium gets, the more time and energy they often spend in preparing for, hosting, administering, staffing, and/or facilitating their sessions, so those sessions cost more. 

Spirit management.

In addition to the regular business oversight every business owner has to deal with, the deceased people that particular medium you are dealing with, may show up weeks in advance, and harass them for days before the session even begins. 

A higher prices reading may include wrapped in spirit babysitting fees, or more bluntly put, the cost of having to deal with other people's dead people hanging around you, your family and your kids for a week. While I love 'em, dead people can be highly disruptive at times. 

Emotional management.

Raised prices may be a sign of a psychic who is emotionally buffering their sessions. As a psychic medium grows in their business, they get more sensitive. 

Dealing with all the emotions, anger, sadness, grief, heartache and pain that comes through your door can take a harder emotional toll, the longer you go on. 

Over time, many mediums can complete fewer readings than they used to because of the increased sensitivity, *but* the readings they do do are better, more detailed, and more invested. Also, then more expensive. 

Mitigating client abuse.

As a psychic medium, you are often dealing with people at the end of their rope - people who need help where no other help can or has been able to be given. When you are helping in this state, people can become emotionally abusive.

Some mediums price their sessions by asking themselves, How much am I willing to accept for having to deal with someone potentially throwing a pie in my face? 500? 325? After it's happened to you once or twice, $75 a call may not be nearly enough to convince one to get back in the dunking tank. 

On top of that, some mediums also internally believe that a higher pricing schedule weeds out that type of client - the person who may otherwise look to meet with a medium to berate, insult or emotionally assault them in order to get their answer, and attract those who value their services more. Increasing cost, generally decreases demand to some level.

So I hope this explanation helps a bit with your understanding. 

But before we go and before you decide to slam me about people who can't afford the service: 

A. There's always someone within your price range. If you just need to hear from your grandmother, you don't need to book with someone out of your price range. Check local shops, which act as low-cost clinics, ask around with friends, or seek out a few newbies who need practice in the Facebook groups. 

B. Most mediums strive to provide 100 volunteer hours every year as part of their code of ethics and because of this, do far more pro-bono work than workers in most any other field (just for reference the average annual volunteer rate is 52 hours per year). So even if it isn't advertised, doesn't mean it's not on the secret menu. 

There are people who practice mediumship for a hobby and these folks usually don't require fees for their services, however, if you are a seeking a full-time trained professional to perform your reading, a sitting fee is both the cost of doing business and an expected business practice. 

Amanda Linette Meder