What To Expect In Your First Few Years Freelancing As A Psychic Medium

There is an ebb and flow that is natural in taking a new job as a freelancer.

Today I want to talk about what to expect as you get started using your gifts as a business because it can feel like a scary time and I know that because I've been there. 

When I first started my spiritual writing and reading business (that is now this website), I never expected to go professional with it. 

My plan was to take readings on the nights and weekends, as a nice gesture for others and as a way for me to become more comfortable with having dead people around me just because, and maybe to write a few blogs or posts on message boards about my experiences to help people like me.

Bada bing, bada boom . . . here we are today. 

I’ve now written over 800 articles online, responded to thousands of social media, message board, and forum comments, and I’ve performed close to 1,500 readings. 

I never expected it to get this far. 

But now we’re here, and now I'm a professional psychic medium. 

As a friend, as someone who has been through the fire, and as someone who helps other people get through the fire of those first few years too, I want to share with you a few things you can expect on your journey as a freelance spirit worker, regardless of what field you practice in. 

My hope is that it can help prepare you for what is to come and give you a sense of peace in knowing what is normal. 

Things to expect when you start freelancing as a professional psychic medium reader, healer or artist: 

#1. You’re going to wonder if you did the right thing.

If you’re human, it’s been drilled into you since childhood that stability is a good thing and you should seek it, but when you walk away from the 9-to-5 to professionally pursue this life, you also walk away with the guarantee of a promised paycheck every week, two weeks, or month.

Even if you are making more money in a single hour than you did in four at your old job, there are waxes and wanes, feasts and famines and you’re going to wonder if it was all worth it.

So speaking of . . .

#2. There will be waxes and wanes. 

When you start building your professional spirit channeling business, you are going to be basing your days on what your ‘new boss’ wants you to do. In other words, you are going to be guided by Spirit in your work. Spirit doesn’t always follow the dollar, so there will be days when you hardly make any, but to make up for that, there will be days when you make a ton.

You want to plan for these dry times during the high times, so you can sustain yourself and your business in the long run. The valleys and the mountains get less extreme and more predictable the longer you go on, so don’t worry - it won’t be like this forever and it does get easier to plan.

#3. You’re going to get mad at your Spirit Guides.

Your Spirit Guides will say and do crazy things to push you past your boundaries of what you think is possible. To do this, they’ll leave out little details of what they tell you here and there, they’ll not say this or that, to get you to do the thing and learn the lesson, they’ll stretch your ability to trust what they say, by cutting things close to the wire.

They mean well and eventually, you'll forgive and get why they did it. 

#4. You might go back to your old life, only to find it isn’t worth it anymore.

You might take a job doing nature tours or try working at a health food store, only to find out the hours are awful, and the pay isn’t that good.

So you'll learn you could drum up as much in a week in a single day when hosting a booth at a local event, setting up a readings marathon day, or launching a new channeled healing and have way more fun than you ever did at 'old life.'

#5. You’re going to get annoyed with clients.

Yes, yes. No one wants to hear me say it, but it’s true.

When you start your work as a professional psychic medium, Spirits will soon become the least of your problems. But don’t worry, the problem clients help you. With them, you are given insight into running a better business model.

Clients teach you what needs to be on your FAQ page, what isn't in your terms and conditions but should be, and so on. 

Need help with client issues? Check out my Managing Your Gifts eBook

#6. Someone’s feedback is going to break your heart.

An email is going to come through, a client is going to lash out, or some other medium (who hasn’t cleared their energy yet today, but should) is going to come after you and say something awful. And it’s going to break your heart.

Then you’re going to get into a depressing slump for at least 2.5 days where you spend most of the time watching television dramas and questioning your life. Eventually, you’ll snap out of it and remember that you never cut your cords from the whole thing. And then you'll do that, and it'll be over. 

#7. Someone is going to go out of their way to do something incredibly kind for you.

This usually happens right after #6 happens. Someone in your soul group is going to pick up on you needed a spirit hug and reach out to you. You’ll be shocked, awed, and unable to believe the kindness. Things like this will start happening more and more the longer you go on because . . .

#8. Your commitment to Spirit is going to strengthen.

You’re going to notice yourself having more and more confidence in your gifts and what the Spirits say as time goes on.

Because of this, you’ll doubt that your earlier readings, earlier healings, and earlier offerings weren’t ‘as good’ as they are now. They were. Everyone meets each other at exactly the perfect time for both of them on their journey of growth. Everything happened as it needed to, but because of this . . .

#9. You’ll start attracting more like-minded people to you.

As the time goes on, you’ll realize that many of your earlier blogs no one read, because no one was following you then. Reshare them. You’ll see that new people are coming every day. Don’t forget to remind them of your offerings. And you’ll develop more of a following.

And then at some point, you’ll have to really think about how to reframe your boundaries, your email system, and when and how people contact you. In the meantime, don’t worry if you start to feel overwhelmed from all of it, we all do. 

#10. You’ll want to quit.

It is not easy being the harbinger of death, the speaker of never before spoken truths, the one who brings through the hard conversations and messages that are required to invoke a healing. You’ll eventually develop ways to energetically protect yourself from all the emotion coming through, but before you do that, you’ll want to quit. This is normal. 

But you can't quit, because people need you and this is your purpose and there are ways to go on. 

As a freelancing spiritual worker, you can develop income-generating projects in a variety of ways: private consultations, advertising revenue from those who view your virtual writings or videos, speaking payments from classes you teach or events you host and so on - all of this I talk about in the post, 5 Creative Ways To Make More Money (While Not Giving a Single Reading)

Regardless, developing all these streams of income will take some time.

We talked about this in The Business of Spirit members class last month, but it’s something I discuss regularly with the mediums, healers and spiritual freelancers in my Member Community. Having this community helps create the support needed that’ll help you keep going in times of darkness or doubt, as does reading the stories of other mediums on their paths will help you realize you aren’t alone.

Amanda Linette Meder


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