The Best Bokeh Lens For Spiritual Photography

make every photo you take look like a fairy took it

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What To Expect In Your First Few Years Freelancing As A Psychic Medium

Is it hard being a professional psychic medium? Find out in this post - 

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Wake Up The Film: A Professional Medium's Movie Documentary Review

Movie Review for a "I See Dead People Documentary" that is actually pretty good - check it out and learn about a few other films you may enjoy, in the process.

Photo credit [Wake Up The Film]

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Review of the Clairvoyant Training Program {with The International School of Clairvoyance}

Review of Debra Katz's Clairvoyant Training Program with the International School of Clairvoyance. 

Looking for a psychic training program? Check out this distance clairvoyant training with a practice focused mindset. Photo: [Milan Jurek]

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