Spirit Q & A: I'm being woken up at the same time every night.

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

For many years, I was awoken not only at the same time every night, but on some nights, all night long. Between my vivid dreams and feeling a presence in the room, I hardly got a good night’s rest.

While this can be attributed to over consumption of caffeine, stress, poor sleeping situations or mechanical noise, sometimes, your interrupted sleep can be attributable to Spirit.

After spending 10 years ruling out all other scenarios and finally deciding to take these nightly visits seriously, I discovered something - I wasn’t alone.

Many of my friends, family and acquaintances had at one time or another, been woken up at the same time every night or only just once, to the presence of someone in the room with them. Perhaps this ‘someone’ was simply a heaviness you felt in the air or perhaps it was the sensation of your recently passed pet dog cuddling up next to you. Maybe you've even been poked prodded or touched! 

Either way, Spirit and our Loved Ones in Spirit do prefer to visit us while we sleep in the evenings. And the reason for this is very simple - you’re really, really busy during the day.

Working, running errands, catering to the needs of others - so distracted in fact, that connecting with you in the love and subtle energy of Spirit is like trying to hand out a Comedy Club flyer at rush hour in Manhattan - kind of impossible and really frustrating to the party promoter.

Since it takes so much energy for your Loved Ones in Spirit to connect with you - including Spirit Guides and Angels - they try to harness and direct their efforts to the times of day and types of techniques where you would most likely notice.

For many people, this is in the world of dreams and as such, visitation dreams are incredibly common and quite popular among your Loved Ones in Spirit. For others, this is simply a gentle touch or the feeling of their presence. So subtle to notice, one would have to choose a time when the air was most still, your awareness most elevated and your fast explanations most subdued. The majority of the time, this opportunity, so rare in our everyday lives, is most frequent between 1, 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning - when no one else is awake and your children are asleep. And yes, perhaps you’ve been awoken from a deep slumber.  It's also common to be awoken right when you are falling asleep or waking up - as these are times when the veil between the spiritual world and the physical world is thinnest

Your Loved Ones in Spirit don’t exist in the realm of time (that’s a physical world thing) and therefore don’t have limitations of it, so, the fact that it’s early morning is irrelevant to them, especially if it’s the best shot they’ve got. The ‘same time of the night’ isn’t necessarily significant, but it’s meant to catch your eye and make you stop and think - maybe I need to look into this.

And it worked, right?

Say hello. Ask who it is that is visiting you. Or perhaps by this point, you probably already have an idea.

With love,