Review of the Clairvoyant Training Program {with The International School of Clairvoyance}

Debra is a fantastic teacher and her classes are worth every penny.

I took and loved this class, especially the fact that it's a distance, making it easy to get there, as driving to and fro classes in the snow and rain is sometimes a challenge. 

As much as clairvoyance is fun and stimulating and a little exciting once you start getting hits, it's also a survival skill you can use to protect, plan and prepare your life for yourself, your family or friends that you won't want to live without it once you start using it.

You hear all the psychics worry all the time about losing their gifts, and this is why! You can use clairvoyance for visioning to do just about anything with, including track yourself on your life path and even find your soulmate. Take the class. Even professionals can learn from each other, so if you've already had training in another area, taking a training in specialized area of use, can only add to your resume. 

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