Review of the Clairvoyant Training Program with Debra Katz and the International School of Clairvoyance

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

I'm graduate of the Clairvoyant Training Program from the International School of Clairvoyance with Debra Katz and today, I want to share my review of the program 

The Clairvoyant Training Program is a 3 month program that meets one night a week for 2-3 hours for about 12 weeks. The class includes weekly homework and participation and actual presence in the class is mandatory to graduate. There’s a few practice groups that meet 1-2 times a week where students have the opportunity to try out their reading skills on volunteer clients. Participation in this is optional, but encouraged. The class itself is a small group of less than 12 people that meet via webinar - which means mostly telephone, Skype and only sometimes, via PowerPoint presentation.

If you are considering registering for the class, here’s my review of the experience.  

Let’s start with what I loved about it:

Practice Focused

By the second or third week of class, Debra has you practice reading other students, after that, in each class, there is a full length practice exercise. Sometimes with other students, sometimes with strangers from the wild world outside the psychic realm. Thus, if you are looking for a class where you learn how to read other people and yourself very quickly, this is it.

Other clairvoyant programs I’ve been a part of are heavily theory focused and you have to learn a lot of things before they seem to trust teaching you how to read others. I think I once learned about auras for a month. Not helpful. I strongly believe that the best learning is through practice and that I can read all the theory based books myself.

Debra’s books act as the supportive reading material (You are Psychic & Extraordinary Psychic) for the class and she uses them as a foundation for the programs structure, however, there isn't a ton of material overlap because Debra focuses on applied learning - where much of the class is activities designed to get you to flex your gifts. 

With all of this practice focused learning, by the end of the class, I was taking clients on my own. 

Nicely Managed

I used to take an adult learning Spanish class. In this class, a bunch of people with who knows what ability or speaking level were thrown in together and the more advanced students felt let down and like it was a waste of time, where the less advanced students felt like idiots. This is no way to learn.

In Debra’s class, I never felt either way. I was felt like I was learning at my own pace with a bunch of other people, also learning at their own pace. She is always reminding you of this. In the class, I never felt less capable, out of place or not valued. I felt like I was supposed to be there. I felt included.

I feel Debra does a really nice job of managing all of the students abilities and pairing students together for practice with a variety of skills, so they may learn and grow from each other. She is able to field off-topic questions from students to avoid getting off track for 30 minutes on something you don’t care about. I think the small group size helps with this and also I feel it’s just her personality. You feel welcome and like you can do this.

Webinar and Small Group Format

The class is distance. It’s available only via webinar and there weren’t any in persons clairvoyant classes available in my area, but I’d read Debra’s books and I liked her vibe so I sent her a check and signed up.

I didn’t think I would like webinar format, but actually, I really did. It was so nice to listen to the lecture part of class in my pajamas drinking tea. I didn’t have to leave to go anywhere, if I was tired, I could just lay on the couch and if I was hungry, I could eat a snack without having to offer or bring enough to share with everyone. The classes are long (2-3 hours), and I sometimes got a little restless. The webinar distance format allowed me to take breaks on my own time without anyone knowing about it or offending Debra or the other classmates. Additionally, if I was busy on the night of class, with advance notice, Debra allowed me to switch days for convenience, making it easier to not miss anything.

The class size is small. In my class, I think there was like 6 people. Even though we had never met in person, by a few weeks in, I felt like I knew my classmates as well as if we had been in person. We were each able to ask questions and speak, we could get to know each other when divided up for small group work. I liked that. It felt very personal.


Yea, I’m going to be honest here. I actually really like Debra. I’d had other teachers before, and while they were really nice, sometimes they would obviously lose their patience with students. She is really patient and kind. You can ask 1,000 questions and more often than not, she’ll help you come to an answer. She responds to emails really quickly and is available to assistance outside of class, if you need it.

The one thing I didn’t like about the class?


The price. It’s an investment. I didn’t want to pay it at first. But, I really, really wanted to learn. 

By the end of the class, it became very clear that Debra puts so much time, money and effort into developing quality coursework and an amazing experience for her students. I believe it was worth every penny. Where other classes taught me how to sense auras, Debra's class actually teaches you how to practically apply your abilities.

In fact, I ‘made back’ the cost of the class within my first month of providing readings right after I graduated. That’s a faster turnaround on my investment than any college course I’ve ever taken (and I've got a masters). 


The Clairvoyant Training Program is beneficial for people who want to practically learn how to use their psychic abilities. I ultimately used my psychic gifts (strengthened by this class) as a tool to receive messages from Spirit.

 Even if you don't consider yourself a clairvoyant, this program is for you - clairvoyance is not what you think! Small groups and intense practice help you learn and get up to speed very quickly. If you enjoy small group learning from the comfort of your home and are finally ready to uncover how gifted you really are - I recommend!

Can’t afford the class right now due to time or money?

Try out her two books that are the foundation of the class - You are Psychic & Extraordinary Psychic.

Happy exploring - 

With love,


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