Developing Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities: Does this Mean it's Going to Get Worse?

Spirit Intensity and Development

amanda linette meder

By and large, in sessions with clients, it’s not that there is a lack of psychic or spiritual abilities - it’s that it’s too much, too frequent and happening all the time with no warning.

Dreams, sudden mood changes, thoughts and ideas popping into your head all the time, voices, lights, sensations that are unexplained - the list goes on and on.

You are far more psychic than you realize.

Accidentally picking up on the thoughts and intentions of others?

Suddenly feeling an emotional shift in the room and realizing it may not be yours?

Hearing messages or ringing in your ears that seemingly comes from nowhere?

These are all very common occurrences for my clients.

And, when I was developing my abilities - I was actually afraid of them. I didn’t want to develop my gifts at all! I didn’t want my abilities to get worse. And by worse, I meant more frequent and more intense experiences. I was already seeing and hearing things I couldn’t explain - why on earth would I want to amplify that?!

Learning to use and work with your psychic abilities is a lot like learning how to tune a radio or a guitar. With practice, brings control, understanding and the most beautiful melodies.

Take a moment to imagine yourself as a radio.

Without proper tuning, you’ll pick up on any station as your tuning knobs loosely swing back and forth, scanning stations, receiving music or wavelength that comes your way. Stations are coming and going, sometimes with static, sometimes with odd squeals and in foreign languages, sometimes for just a moment or second on any one frequency.

Developing your psychic abilities is exactly like learning how to tune your radio or learning to play the guitar.  

You need to learn how it all works in order to convince yourself you, too, can create a beautiful song on the device.

You’ll learn the how to use the controls on all the knobs, how to tune in and tune out of certain stations, how to avoid static and keep away from music that sounds awful to the ears.

You’ll learn how to turn if off and back on.

You’ll learn how to get in and out of certain wavelengths and frequencies to receive the exact signals and information you need, when you need it and only then.

You’ll learn pin-point your abilities and radio to the right station, too, to get the clearest and most accurate signals and answers.

It doesn’t get worse.

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It gets better.

Your experience improves. Your abilities become more manageable and within your control.

Your radio (or guitar playing) becomes more enjoyable - an asset and a gift to yourself and others, rather than just a static noise making device.

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In developing your abilities, you can learn how to do these really helpful things:

  • Turning up and down your abilities

  • Discover which of your abilities is strongest and most helpful to you

  • Identify the sensations you are feeling and where they are coming from

  • Improve the clarity and accuracy of your intuitive and psychic perceptions

  • Figure out how to use your gifts to obtain valuable and useful information for yourself and others

  • Understand your abilities and role in the greater context of the universe

  • Help other people connect with their soul’s purpose and truth

  • Identify those in Spirit who want to connect with you for the greater good

  • Use energy and psychic protection tools to give yourself space from emotional situations you’d rather not be a part of

  • Set boundaries in your life and home so that you are connecting with only the highest and best Spirits and energies

  • Identify the energetic cause of, and eliminate, sudden headaches, nausea, dizziness, and stomach pain - quickly and effectively

  • Connect with Divine Guidance on a daily basis - for comfort, reassurance, and friendship

  • Reconnect with your Loved Ones, on your own, without the use of an outside medium

  • Learn how to manage your previously unexplainable energy swings and emotions

Photo: [max velsen]

Photo: [max velsen]

Will your experiences, over time, get more intense?

In a way, yes. But, overall, your experiences will be more understandable,  manageable and controllable. Your radio will receive clearer signals. And, you’ll be able to shut it off at night.

I’ve found that developing my abilities has given me the option of deciding when and where I want to be psychic, if at all. Before, I didn’t have that choice and my life was total chaos. I was psychic in my dreams and I was psychic when I was awake - and I was exhausted with all the information and energy I was picking up, all the time.

In developing my abilities, I was able to manage and control them better - and you can too. 

You can earn how to shut it down when you need to go to the supermarket. Or turn it way up, in order to help yourself or a friend. 

Amanda Linette Meder