Clairvoyance: It's Not What You Think

Clairvoyance is the act of clear seeing and it’s considered a psychic ability.

Clairvoyant abilities are from a part of seeing that does not include your physical eyes and rather, they originate from within your third eye chakra, located between your brow.

You have an intuitive eye, which also sees, just as your physical eyes do, but in a different way - and that's what this article is geared to talk about. 

Everyone has an intuitive eye, and as such, everyone has the ability to see images if they would like to.

This clear seeing ability is designed to not only assist you in creative thinking and imagination but for seeing the reality of things, the truth and the meaning of the nature of your situation. It is an ability designed to provide you and others with absolutely clarity on the world around.

The scope of the third eye and it’s seeing range extends in front of you, within you and behind you - so basically, images can appear in front of your eyes, from within your mind and from behind your head.

Images can appear with eyes open or closed, during dreams, meditation or while awake, and can be any variety of shapes, forms or scenes. This is why it can be scary for some. 

As I was growing up, my clairvoyance manifested as vivid dreaming and an active imagination. I am able to describe things in scenic metaphors and I learn best by watching the way someone else does something. I learn by seeing. I often relate to people by using the words, “I see. . . 

When I first learned my ability to see things in vivid metaphors and dreams was a gift - I was astonished. I’d always had played things out in my mind as people were telling a story and imagined the future vividly - how could this thing so normal to me, be anything special at all?

In fact, many people with clairvoyant abilities don’t even know they have them because they’ve known no other reality. It’s the very same way with all intuitive gifts, too.

Most people who have clairvoyant gifts don't even realize they do, because their abilities, so commonplace to them, don't even stand out. 

It's like this: 

Imagine you were born with a beautiful smile.

All through your life, people commented on how beautiful your smile was, how much it lit up a room and how nice your teeth look. Over time, you become immune - it’ the only smile you’ve ever had, and everyone has smiles, so how can yours be more beautiful than the rest? My smile is just a smile, everyone’s teeth look like this. You might have even told people who compliment you that your smile is nothing special.

But in fact, it is.

Often, your strongest intuitive trait, whether it is clairvoyance or something else, is something so ingrained in who you are, the haver doesn't even believe it’s unique or special - because you’ve always had it, you assume that everyone else has the same abilities as you do. And that would be incorrect.

Often your gift is so normal to you, you don’t even realize it’s unique or that it doesn’t come to others so easily. For many of my clients, when I share with them their strongest gifts as told by Spirit, they immediately say, yea, that’s something I do. I’ve always had that ability, and that’s it? My ability to see things is a gift? Yes, it is.

For me, I’ve always seen Spirits and because I’ve always had this ability, I didn’t realize it was unique or special, I just thought it was something I had to deal with.

While not every clairvoyant person sees Spirits, it’s possible your abilities are so normal to you, you aren’t yet realizing your intuitive gifts could be developed and then enhanced.

There are other gifts too. 

Always know exactly what people need in a time of emotional distress?

That’s a clairsentient thing.

Grand ideas and solutions tend to pop into your head?

Claircognizance may be your go-to gift.

Have a knack for delivering messages of truth and clarity, that many of your friends contact you for pep-talk?

Clairaudience may be your primary trait.

With clairvoyance, one of the biggest misconceptions is that the clairvoyant person can see images of the past, present and future in front of their eyes, like a movie screen or film strip of images. It’s colorful, it’s fully detailed, and very clear.

It’s not usually like this, actually. Clairvoyant seeing is much more like the way you see an image in a memory or when you are daydreaming. It’s there in your mind, but it’s also kind of not there. It’s there, but there’s a lot of blackness and empty space, too. 

Many times, clairvoyance is seeing through the darkness, seeing through the veil, seeing through barriers. And for many clairvoyants, they need something to focus on to see the images. It’s much easier to see subtle images when staring at a blank wall than a room full of objects and clutter - this is why historical clairvoyants used a crystal ball, it was a place to focus and not become distracted. Now, most people just close their eyes and use that darkness as a backdrop.

Amanda Linette Meder

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