Anna Sayce Blog Feature - Amanda Linette Meder Interview

Hey Everyone! 

I am very happy to announce that this week, intuitive Anna Sayce of New Zealand has featured me on her website with an interview

I've been following Anna's work for years now, and am super excited about this new partnership. Anna has one of the best intuitive development websites on the web out there and I've personally cited her website many times on the blog, specifically in last year's popular article, The 10 Best Websites for Spiritual Growth and Intuitive Development which is still going strong in Google's prime search engine results! 

In the interview, Anna asks a lot of very thoughtful and well-rounded questions and brought out some things that never really do come up on the blog, so if you'd like to learn about me as a person, please do check it out. 

To read the interview, visit Anna's website, here.  

Thank you for checking it out! 

All the best,

Amanda Linette Meder

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