2015 My Top 10 Favorite Things

1. Aveda Rose Absolute

This is an essential oil in a carrier oil, so that you can easily and safely use it directly in contact with your skin. A bottle of this oil sits on my desk and I smell it before sessions, use it as perfume and dabble it on my skin, all day, every day.

Photo courtesy [ Amazon.com ]

Photo courtesy [Amazon.com]

2. Make Up For Ever, Aqua Rouge #3 and #10

I talk all day for a living. And because of this, it's hard to keep lipstick staying on my lips. That is, until I found for real waterproof, kiss-proof, eating-proof liquid lip-color in a ton of beautiful shades. I personally have shades #3 and #10 and plan on acquiring more of these beautiful and genuinely stay-proof lip colors. 

Photo courtesy [ Make Up For Ever ]

Photo courtesy [Make Up For Ever]

3. Lord Huron, Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron was featured in a Zales Commercial over Christmas season. I became addicted and determined to find the artist. I did and bought the entire album and have not regretted it. Buy it here and see for yourself (Amazon Link).

4. Daily Rituals, by Mason Currey

This summer, my significant other declared one morning that I write so much, he was now considering me as an artist. Because I was now an artist, he declared we needed to find out what other artists 'did' to get into the creative space of mind. Four days later, we took a road trip to upstate New York and stopped in a bookstore outside of the town of Woodstock. This book (Amazon Link) was staring us in the face right when we walked in. It's a collection of the daily rituals of artists of all kinds, from composers to architects.

Photo courtesy [ Amazon.com ]

Photo courtesy [Amazon.com]

5. Wedderspoon Manuka Raw Honey

There was a time not long ago, where I bicycle commuted everywhere I went and did not own a car. It was during this time, that I got in a very serious cycling accident.

Without health insurance, one of my closest friends had just returned from India and she claimed that there - everything was healed with a combination of spices and honey. I believed her and bought the honey with the highest antibacterial and anti-microbial content I could find - this one (Amazon Link) - and worked on dressing my wounds in it every morning.

After a month of this, someone finally begged me to see a doctor. I did. He was amazed at the speed my wound had healed in the given amount of time. He declared my wound care recipe - honey -  a miracle. Not only can you use this beautiful honey to heal wounds, it's deliciously edible and tastes so good. With a high nutritional and healing properties, this honey is an amazing deal and an essential in our home. 

6. Let it Out, Let it In, by Airto Moreira

This song is great. That is all. 

7. Nag Champa Incense, 250 grams

I have another post for the incense I prefer for clearing out spirits and negative energy - see it here.  This incense doesn't do that - it just makes my life more relaxing, and puts me in a place of insta-peace. I buy it in bulk, but my significant other says I really need to buy it in pallets and become a distributor. I'm thinking about it. Anyway, Nag Champa (Amazon Link) makes all your meditation dreams come true. 

Photo courtesy [ Amazon.com ]

Photo courtesy [Amazon.com]

8. Levi's High Rise Legging

These jeans are advertised for juniors - but don't let that fool you - they fit a lady's curves really beautifully. So beautifully, in fact, that when I bought my first pair on sale at Macy's, I was complimented everywhere I went. I bought two more pairs and now these cozy jeans are all I wear. Get yourself a pair here (Amazon Link).

Photo Courtesy [ Levis.com ]

Photo Courtesy [Levis.com]

9. La Colombe Coffee

As much as I would love to tell you I have a completely pure diet, free of toxins, I can't. Graduate school started an addiction I just can't and don't want to stop. Not with La Colombe Coffee existing on the planet. The best beans from all over the earth can be found here. And, they describe them to you like wines. So, you actually know what kind of taste you are buying into with each bag.

Photo Courtesy [La Colombe]

Photo Courtesy [La Colombe]

10. Emancipator (otherwise known as musician, Douglas Appling)

Calming, introspective and unique instrumentals only, please. The perfect creative working music and equally, the perfect wind down for the day music. For your listening delight and mine - 


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Amanda Linette Meder


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