9 spiritual links for shifting your mindset this month -

9 spiritual links for shifting your mindset this month - 

9 spiritual links for shifting your mindset this month -  Photo: Amanda

9 spiritual links for shifting your mindset this month - 

By Amanda Linette Meder

Need a twist? Looking for something to restart for mojo? A reset button for your winter outlook? 

Look no further, because these links got you covered ~ 

#9 The Before and After Moment

Oh, so true. We've all had one . . .some of us, more that we'd wished we contracted out in this life time. 

Blogger, Podcaster, Psychic-Medium and self-proclaimed Crystal Enthusiast, Samantha Fey, discusses what she and Spirit call the 'before and after moment' of all of our lives. I have one. Do you? Read on here >>>

#8 The Council of Thirteen Grandmothers

Have you heard of them? Because if you haven't, now is the time. They're my heroes. And soon, they'll be your heroes, too. Check them out, here. And then get cozy, get in - touch and get spiritually centered by watching the documentary on their journey here

Photo: Amanda

Photo: Amanda

#7 This (>>) Forest Dwellers Print

Rachel Rodriquez recently created 53 of something beautiful. The wise, unconditionally loving deer. The adaptive, psychic fox twins. The ferns, the mushrooms to the other world and the moon . . they all call you in.

Spiritual nature lover, this print was given to me as a gift, but you need to get yours here before they run out. I urge. 

#6 Ashley King

Is someone in my area. With a great blog. Here's an article I love. 

#5 Women's Circle workshops

I lead a monthly spiritual circle, this is true.

And what do you know, all the time people's Spirits are either recommending they join one or create their own. That's how I got into doing it, anyway. Chris Maddox with Wild Woman Project, offers training programs to help get you started in leading, creating or being a part of your perfect, support group. We all need that. Let's start manifesting it by checking out her Circle Training

#4 Do You Relate to one of the Spiritual Goddesses on a soul level? 

I sure do. Right now, I'm really feeling Artemis - feminist, environmentalist, mystic - omg, are you, me, Artemis? Hera, Demeter, Persephone, Athena . . . . which Goddess guides you?

Susan Audrey at The Shift Network, helps you narrow it down in this great article. 

#3 These 16 Ideas for writing

Are you a writer? Need some ideas to get you going? Here's some of the best. 

#2 Boundaries with clients

Have someone encroaching on your me space? And that someone, is a high paying client? Rest assured, there is something you can do about it. Read this article. 

#1 And this thoughtful piece of the myths of the blogging world

Once I got an email from someone who said all I care about was passive income. Sighhhh, have we met? Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Amanda and I love working . . . sometimes, to a fault. Alas, though psychic medium + blogger is one of the many hats I wear and my work, is anything but passive - read on to get more in-depth into the world of creative, online, entrepreneuring it. 

There it is, guys. 

From one spiritual fan girl to another, these are some of the greatest finds on the web right now. 

And until next time, enjoy your seeking! 

Amanda Linette Meder


One more thing . . . you need to watch this video about a Doggy Retirement Home.  It'll really brighten your day and to remind you of all the good people (and animals) in the world. All five times I watched . . . tears. (happy tears, happy tears). Get your tissues ready.