3 Ways to Actually Like Meditation: For People Who Can't Seem to Like it At All

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

Meditation, meditation, meditation.

For developing your psychic and intuitive gifts, nothing is recommended more than developing a meditation habit.

And really, the point is valid - meditation quiets the mind and centers the Spirit - the exact two things you need to do to receive accurate, clear and stable intuitive and psychic guidance for yourself or anyone else.

So, meditation is the first on every bullet point. Meditate and your psychic and spiritual abilities will get stronger and clearer. It’s true. They will. If only you could enjoy meditating!

The truth is, as an active yoga practitioner and a professional medium, there is nothing I disliked more than meditation. No matter how much I tried to love it, I just loved it less. It felt like work and I thought about it in the way I think about budgeting - something I would eventually do at the end of the day after everyone went to bed, but I never did.

Since then the tables have really turned - I actually enjoy meditation now. And if I can come to enjoy it, you can, too!

Before you convince yourself to buy another stick of incense ~ out of the thousands of musical CD’s I’ve purchased, candle scents I’ve smelled and pillows I’ve found at TJ Maxx, nothing has helped me enjoy meditation more than these three tips:

How to Enjoy Meditation

1. Sit Differently

This one sounds simple, but for years of trying to sit yoga-style on the floor, I never did find a 'comfortable seat'. What did happen though, is eventually, my foot or leg became really uncomfortable and I would change positions - losing my focus and abandoning the purpose of meditation all together - calmness. Plus, how often do you find yourself on the floor, ready to meditate? Not often.

In reality, you want your meditation routine to be something you can snap into in a matter of seconds, not a whole routine. Need instant relaxation? Have to clear your energy? Need to give an impromptu psychic reading? You’ll need to be in meditation position for that.

So, here’s the solution to comfort in meditation:

Sit in a chair, upright, with your feet flat on the ground. Place your palms face up on your lap in resting position.

There. You’re comfortable. In this position, you don’t have to worry about your underwear showing, your leg getting a cramp or what it will look like to other people if you want to meditate - gasp - in public! Which, I can do all the time these days - no one even has to know!

In fact, sitting upright in this position is the number #1 way that psychics, mediums and intuitives often sit when they are connecting with Spirit and with their Higher Selves when preparing for and giving readings for themselves and others.

2. Give yourself something to do.

I used to go to a lot of meditation groups - to learn how on earth people like meditation - and to convince myself to meditate. I’ve even been on dates yoga instructors - simply to get to the bottom of this mystery.

If I was in or with a group who enjoyed it and where everyone else was meditating, then maybe the ‘enjoying meditation energy’ would wear off on me, right? If not, maybe I could talk to these people afterwards and find out how they came to like it. Maybe there was a trick or something, and I hadn't found it yet.

What I learned rather, was that in meditation circles, many people give themselves something to do to while they were meditating to focus and quiet the mind. Some people, I found out, focus on their breathing or on counting backwards numbers. Other, focus on naming and identifying the thoughts that come in. Yup - categorizing and organizing their thoughts by name and type. Thinking about groceries? Oh, okay that’s a worry - I’ll put that over here. Concerned about something that happened yesterday? Oh, okay that’s a fret - I’ll put that over here.

Yes - I learned that even experienced meditators need to give themselves something to do as a ‘focus the mind’ activity while they focused the mind.

Unfortunately, counting numbers and labeling my worries is too boring for me (plus, I’d have to actually admit how much I worried and I was definitely not interested in that!), so I decided to do something else.

Changing location or activity while you meditate can help you begin to enjoy the process of focusing your mind. 

Changing location or activity while you meditate can help you begin to enjoy the process of focusing your mind. 

In meditation, I focus on visualizing a grounding cord and emptying all my energy into the earth. Other times, I practice opening and closing my chakras. If I want to get fancy, I visualize what it would look like if Divine energy from above was channeled down through my head and swirled through my whole body.

In psychic circles, this is called “running your energy” and it actually feels really good and is fairly entertaining. Want to learn how? It’s easy!

My sister, Sarah, at Earth Energy Healings can teach you here:

Grounding and Clearing

Releasing Negativity

Quick Energy Clearing

3. Find a New Location

Seriously. If you are going to close your eyes and sit quietly somewhere for 5 to 60 minutes, you may as well enjoy how you are sitting and where you are sitting.

Don’t like to meditate in a corner of your room? Or at a yoga studio? That’s fine.

Meditate while you are taking a bath. In a bath, you are both sitting and relaxing - a perfect place to practice running your energy!

Meditate outside where the sun is shining on you. Almost everyone enjoys sitting outside on a sunny day. Why not sit quietly in the sun or shade or 5 to 10 minutes and do nothing but enjoy some sparrows near by? Or the way the sun feels on your arms? This counts as meditation, too.

While it certainly helps and there are benefits to meditating in the same place every time, you don’t have to. Mix it up. If the same place every time is a real bore to you and you dread going there, then don’t. Go somewhere else.

Do you have any tips that help you enjoy meditating? Let me know what you think!

With love,