Space Clearing Mists Now Being Sold At Whole Foods

March 21, 2018 - North Wales, PA - Healing Mists, also known as Space Clearing Sprays, are oft considered the cleaner, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional smudging,  can now be found on the shelves of popular retailer Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods Market, a grocery chain that started in 1980 to specialize in providing the finest natural and organic foods, was purchased by virtual giant Amazon in August 2017. It also features a large natural and organic beauty and home section, and now, a few space clearing tools. 

Makenzie Flynn, the owner of Makenzie Flynn Healing Mists, announced this new development in her business on her Instagram early last week.

Whole Foods previously hasn't specifically stocked space clearing mists, though they have carried room sprays and aromatherapy mists. 

Akin to room sprays and aromatherapy mists, generally space clearing and healing mists are also infused with magical properties, crystals and created on certain high vibration dates for particular intentions. 

You now can find many of her most popular mists including - Love, Prosper, Sense, Relax, Create and Smudge - stocked on shelves now and being debuted at the SpringHouse Whole Foods in Spring House, Pennsylvania. 

These mists were previously featured in the Some of My Favorite Things Fall article. 

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