Response To: "I'm a Well Respected Spiritual Medium and I Have Never Seen or Spoken To a Ghost In My Life - We're All Liars"

By Amanda Linette Meder

PostSecret is an online community dedicated to sharing.

It’s also an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren in 2005, in which people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. Every week new postcards are posted from people all over the world who send them in.

On September 25, 2015, this secret was posted.

Wow. Here are my thoughts on this: 

I don’t think you are a well respected spiritual medium.

Well respected spirit mediums:

Are honest with their clients

Are honest with themselves

And commit to ethically providing people with a real connection with the deceased

If you haven’t seen or heard a Spirit - ever - you are unethically practicing and you are the core problem that gives mediumship a bad name.

Reading your secret makes my stomach turn. 

Thankfully, I have never met you. In fact, I have never met a medium who hasn’t had genuine experience and I don’t know why anyone would (or how you could) call yourself a medium without ever genuinely meeting a deceased person.

I grew up seeing, hearing and seeing the deceased - people that I can describe in full detail, hear what they say, and then translate those messages to the living.

I also grew up hating my gifts and wishing they would go away.

For the better part of my life, I was isolated from my family and friends and thought something was wrong with me for just having the ability to see the deceased. This  ability, which I now consider it a blessing, has complicated my life in many ways.

Since this is who I am and at the end of the day, you have to make peace with that, to make peace with my ability, I committed to use what I have to help others.

I AM a well respected spiritual medium who sees and has spoken to many deceased.

In readings, in public, for free, for myself, for anyone, for just because, for them.

In situations where I have NOT seen or heard a deceased person present (yes, it happens), I have always been 100% transparent with my clients and provided an immediate 100% refund. No lies.

I consider my title a hard-won honor and something that I have earned.

If you are lying to your clients, deceiving the public and in turn, deceiving yourself, your friends and your family - you have earned nothing.

The very least, my respect.

Please, please stop what you’re doing.

It’s defrauding everyone and serving no one.

 - Amanda

PS - It has always boggled my mind why someone would fake it. I have had readings where no Spirits have come and I am befuddled as to what you would even say or do! I just refund, explain why it might happen and try to be compassionate. There’s no session when there’s no Spirit. What even happens in your readings? I don't even get it. Making up stuff is so hard!


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