Response To: "I'm a Well Respected Spiritual Medium and I Have Never Seen or Spoken To a Ghost In My Life - We're All Liars"

PostSecret, an online community dedicated to sharing, recently shared this secret:

Well, if this isn't the most stomach turning thing I've seen all day - a REAL medium's response to this awfulness -

Guys, well respected spirit mediums:

  • Are honest with their clients

  • Are honest with themselves

  • And commit to ethically providing people with a real connection with the deceased

If you haven’t seen or heard a Spirit - ever - one is unethically practicing. It’s also lazy and least of all, boring. Anyone can communicate with the ethers if one simply tunes their energy correctly and how boring is it to sit there and fake playing violin or eating a steak. Why not eat one for real!

It has always boggled my mind why someone would fake it. I have had readings where no Spirits have come and I am befuddled as to what you would even say or do.

Generally you just refund, explain why it might happen, and try to be compassionate. There’s no session when there’s no Spirit. What even happens in these readings? I don't even get it.

Making up stuff is far less fun than actually doing it for real. And by the way, you can do it it for real, anyone can -

Amanda Linette Meder