Psychic Pimps: What you Need to Know About It

A Pimp or a ‘procurer’ is someone who engages in the facilitation or provision of a prostitute in the arrangement of an intimate act with a customer.

This procurer receives money from the prostitute’s earnings in return for:

  • Advertising

  • Physical/legal protection

  • Providing the location where a prostitute engages clients

Generally, the amount of money a pimp receives for the services provided vastly outweighs the amount of work the pimp actually does - for it is the prostitute that carries out the sex act and has to deal with all the customers.

In the prostitution community, the act of ‘pimping’ a person/prostitute is heavily discussed and talked about - but it is hardly ever talked about in other communities where it is also widely rampant - such as the psychic community.

Pimps exist for psychics and they run rampant in the psychic community! 

There are websites, persons and shops that regularly advertise psychic readings at their location, but to get those psychics to work for them, they have to market their ‘shop’ to professional practicing psychics and mediums. 

Not all of these shops are ethical, but some are. 

Pimping websites, events and shops will offer a psychic these things to lure you in: 

- Access to a larger platform and community of listeners/readers

- A greater network of exposure, including an additional stream of potential clients

- A place to share your work where an audience of thousands will read and enjoy

This can seem dazzling to a brand new psychic looking to pay the bills. 

As a professional practicing psychic/medium/reader, I accepted a deal for a very popular reading website and performed hundreds of readings for another person’s audience and platform. I got tons of practice, a stream of new clients, but for a cost - a hefty percentage of my earning. 

Yup - I received all this and more for a percentage of my earnings.

I was working for someone else’s platform and helping someone else’s audience. 

It all dawned on me when one morning when I woke up and I realized:

- I was giving my earnings away to someone else for very little in return

- I had a hard time paying my bills while the owners of the website vacationed in tropical locales

- I was working for another person’s platform, one that I could build myself with a little sweat and tears

Soon thereafter, I ditched my psychic pimp and I haven't looked back. 

Where do psychic pimps exist?

Any psychic reading location, virtually or physically, where a higher than normal percentage cut of earnings is taken from a psychic or a reader in return for a location to showcase their work, such as:

- A website with a collection of readers (more than just one)

- Psychic walk-in shops who do not charge a flat rent fee for practice space

- Teleseminar round-ups

What is an acceptable fee for shops or websites to charge in exchange for a reading space?

Rent. Booth or space rental fees in shops or websites is a completely acceptable and an expected fee to anticipate when showcasing your work anywhere other than your own space. You can also expect to pay rental fees at fairs, events and trade shows.

As many small business owners know, it can take a while to build your own platform - an average of three years to be precise.

In those three years, when a psychic/intuitive/reader is building their audience and platform, it can be tempting, when invited to events and locations promising to expand your reach to say to yourself that this is for the best - that more people will find you, your message will get out there sooner, and your business will grow faster.

When you are building your platform, the most important thing you need to be focusing on is building your own capital yes, but also finding your audience - not serving someone else’s.

The more energy you spend focusing on that - the stronger your reach will become - faster.

Buy your readings, packages, products and services from the psychic mediums/reader’s own personal website.

When you do, their pimp (host website/shop) will receive no cut of their earnings. Also, you will help that reader realize that people do and will buy from their own platform, helping to minimize their perceived need for a pimp.

As my father used to say, always beware of a contract someone else has written for you - for the person writing the contract, always writes it in their favor, not yours.

Anyone who genuinely wants to interview you for your message will not be asking you to provide special deals for their audience, nor will they ask for a percentage of whatever it is you are selling.

You can ask to negotiate a flat rate rental fee, if you want, but remember:

your hard work is your hard work.

No one else performs the reading but you.

You need all the credit you deserve for that.

And that includes fair financial compensation.

Don’t let anyone take a cut of your earnings in exchange for pimping services. It's great experience in the short run and can help provide a stable income, but often, it's hardly a living wage. 

You don’t need it - just put in the hard work, develop your platform yourself, and all of it will pay off sooner than you think.

Amanda Linette Meder

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