Misconceptions About Psychic Mediums

There are a few assumptions that most people make about those like me,that simply aren’t true.

I’d like to clear a few those assumptions up -

*  I’m probably not reading you unless it’s imperative to my own survival, or the survival of my family - then I might be.

Frankly, it takes too much energy for me to read into people’s lives, so I mostly prefer not to. Also, I think it’s a breach of confidentiality. And furthermore, the only information I ever get is from deceased people. If there isn’t one present, I couldn’t know anything secret about your life if I tried.

If you haven’t booked a session with me, chances are, I don’t know anything about you. I prefer to keep it that way because I have to keep too many secrets as it is - so do most other psychics.

* I’m not technically psychic.

In my title, it says I’m a psychic medium. But this means that when I communicate with those in Spirit, they will communicate with me through my intuitive abilities - otherwise known as my psychic gifts. So the way I communicate as a medium is psychically - and there are more than thirty-four forms of communication so it’s like the speciality classification before the profession.

All the information I get is from talking to the deceased and the spirit world.

If you ask me for a prediction, to find a missing person, or want me to tell you where you placed your keys - unless there is a spirit present ready to speak on that, I don’t know.

* I never intended to be a medium for a living… and most other mediums who do this professionally didn’t either.

That’s right. While I always knew I could see things others couldn’t, my life plan was to have a normal life and not talk to the deceased. But, things just didn’t turn out that way and mostly, even though I can see two types of people - those who are living and those who are dead - my life is otherwise, quite normal.

In fact, as I write this, I’m shopping for a new blender for smoothies on Amazon.com. Later today, I’m going to PetSmart to pick up some dog food.

So if you ever meet a psychic medium in public, it’s unlikely they are going to start bombarding you with messages. Sigh -  I know, that’s what television says will happen.

But I never will and most of the women and men I work with do have some decorum and try to be as polite as possible. And if there’s a dead person around you, I’ll only tell you when you ask and furthermore, I generally don’t see them hovering.

Amanda Linette Meder