Magic Eye Books: Improve Your Vision, Open Your Third Eye

One of the best ways to improve your spiritual vision, clairvoyance, is to practice relaxing your vision with your physical eyes.

Although it may sound odd, the best way to see things more clearly in a spiritual way is to practice seeing things more clearly in a physical way.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things clearly.

With clairvoyant abilities, you can see auras, images in dreams, colors and shapes in meditation and ultimately, those in Spirit.

Clairvoyance, also known as Spiritual Sight, is a method of seeing that requires complete relaxation. You can not see clairvoyantly without relaxing, and retraining your vision to see, the previously unseen.

The more that you strain your physical eyes, the harder it will be for you to see clairvoyantly.

The first step in seeing clairvoyantly, is teaching your eyes to look at the world a new way.

Magic Eye Books

All magic eye books (Amazon Link), developed by N.E. Enterprises contain images that can only be seen once you release vision strain.

Each page of each book contains a 3-D image, complete with internal images built into the original external optical image. As you move through the books, the exercises become increasingly more difficult, which helps you develop your abilities as you progress through each exercise.

When you ‘get’ each Magic Eye image, you have temporarily re-trained your vision to be able to see what was previously unseen and unavailable to you.

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You have refocused your vision to see in the way that is needed to tap into your Spiritual Sight.

It takes practice to open up your third eye.

Each time you practice these images and 'get it', then glance up into the space around you and look around. You'll notice that as you practice you'll see the space around you differently.

Developing a method to see the space differently around you is the ultimate goal. The more slight differences you notice in your space - from fuzzy air, to buzzing light to flashes of color - the more you’ll be able to notice the subtle images, colors and energies that come forward.

Practice observing the magic eye images as often as possible.  

To obtain a physical book to use to practice these vision exercises, click here: 

Magic Eye Books (Amazon Link)

The more you practice this new way of relaxed seeing, the faster your clairvoyant abilities will open up.

Seeing the images in the Magic Eye will ultimately make it easier for you to see:

  • Auras and energy fields

  • Spirits and residual energies

  • Images in meditations

  • Symbols in dreams

By re-training your vision for relaxed focus through the use of Magic eye, your clairvoyant sight will be more available to you on command.

That is, if you can practice shifting into ‘focused vision state’ on command, the same state your eyes need to be in to receive clairvoyant images, then you’ll be able to shift into clairvoyant state, anytime that you need - with the same tools you used to see the Magic Eye images.

Amanda Linette Meder

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