My Story

The synopsis: a brief story of how I got here. 

I found out I had a special gift when I was 6 years old, and I was told of our family curse.

A few older family members sat my twin sister and I down.

I declared cursed, and my twin sister was declared curse-free.

I didn’t want to be cursed.

From that time forward, I tried to hide, get rid of and drown out my abilities.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I tried to live a normal life, have normal friends and block Spirits out of my life completely. I never spoke about Spirits to anyone and kept my gift largely hidden from everyone, except to my twin sister. We discussed our shared paranormal experiences on a near-nightly basis.

Then, I went to college several states away from my family - in Nebraska.

It was during college, that my father died due to complications stemming from his addiction to alcohol.

After my father’s death in college, the abilities that I had thought I had drowned out in childhood - came back with a vengeance.

Still, I tried to maintain normalcy.

I never told my live-in boyfriend why I could never sleep.

I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Nebraska and started a normal career in the environmental sciences. I worked for the government teaching educational programs.

I went to work every day, while at night, I saw and heard Spirits.

I didn’t get a wink of sleep in nearly 6 years.

At this point, in my mid-twenties, no one had ever told me ‘the curse’ was actually something called mediumship.

In an effort to uncover why it was I couldn’t ever sleep and heal myself, I left everything behind in normal life in Nebraska, and drove across the country to San Diego.

I figured if I left everything behind, I could identify and isolate what it was that was wrong.

I got a job teaching educational programs for the San Diego Zoo, primarily facilitating interactions between guests and large wild animals - namely, rhinoceroses and giraffes.

While in San Diego, I began drinking just like my father and I was told by a medium, that if I didn’t stop my ways, I’d end up just like him - dead.

While now scared about the consequences of blowing off my abilities, I was still not ready to accept my gifts. I just wanted to be normal.

Giving my normal life one last shot, I applied to and got accepted into graduate school at Auburn University.

It was here, while conducting research at Auburn University in Alabama, where my gifts heightened once again.

When seeking out guidance on my abilities, I was promised by a medium teacher whose help I requested, that if I developed my abilities, I would meet my soulmate.

Desperately wanting to meet my soulmate, I reluctantly agreed that I would commit to learn about my abilities.

I learned about the family curse and finally developed my gifts to see those in Spirit as something good.

I graduated Auburn University with a Master’s of Science.

Then, I walked away from my normal life and fully committed to working with Spirit and using my abilities full time.

One month after accepting my abilities and walking away from my normal life, I met that soulmate I was promised.

We’re still together to this day.

The end. 

- Amanda

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