What Does Saging A House Do?

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

Yesterday, I was buying a giant bag of loose sage at a local Native American Shop. A girl was standing at the cash register tapped me on the shoulder and asked,

“Excuse me, what does that do?”

As I opened my mouth to reply, the shopkeeper took over and rattled off these things:



Releasing Negative Energies

Releasing Negative Entities


She was right. This is all of what White Sage is known to do. 

White Sage (known scientifically as Salvia apiana) is commonly used to spiritually, emotionally and energetically clear and cleanse a space.

How does White Sage do anything . . . Spiritually?

The premise of a plant doing spiritual work is that each plant has a Spirit and each Spirit has a purpose.

When we look to find out each person’s purpose, we look to their environment:

Where do they live?

What are they doing with their lives?

What is their overall personality, behavior, disposition?

How do they communicate with others?

From these things, we can generally gather the spiritual life purpose of any one individual or group of individuals.

The same is true for the realm of Plants.

We can look to a plant’s environment, their appearance, the way they communicate (chemically) with other plants, to identify what their purpose is.

For some, this purpose is purely biological. For others, it is spiritual.

For someone like me - who believes in balance and practice in both the Spiritual and the Physical - I believe a plant’s purpose can be both spiritual and biological - just like ours can be. 

Here’s what all this has to do with White Sage being clearing, cleansing and uplifting:

White sage grows in areas with poor soil nutrition and little abundance in resources.

Think: high deserts, grounds scorched by wildlife, rocky, sandy uphill slopes.

White sage populates these areas and as it does, it revitalizes the landscape.  It grows an extensive network of roots, plant material and provides habitat with just its body structure. The new leaves provide shade and it’s roots provide organic material for the soil. With both the new shade areas and new organic matter to the soil, a flush of new species can more easily populate the space. Basically, 

White Sage Acts as an Energy Reset Button for a Space.

When White Sage swoops in, it revitalizes, refreshes and reactivates life.

This is what it does biologically, and some believe this is what it also does spiritually.

When you bring White Sage into your home and use it for spiritual purposes - it will do exactly what it does best in the wild - it’ll cleanse, revive and uplift your space.

This is its purpose.

Amanda Linette Meder


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