Intuitive Development Groups: Why Participate, What Are The Benefits and Where You Can Find One!

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

When more than one medium, intuitive or psychic practices connecting with the Divine Universe together in one space, something beautiful happens.

Your Spiritual energy joins with their Spiritual energy and unites to form a collective energy of the group. A dynamic. 

The channel to the Divine that you create as you ‘link’ with Spirit for insight, information and guidance, becomes stronger, as it connects with the other channels of energy around you. Your channel, your link, joins to form a greater source connection with all those around you.

Practicing developing your intuitive and spiritual communication abilities in a group, or simply spending time around those who are actively using and opening their intuitive channels, can amplify your own channel to Spirit. In a really great way.

Think of it like this.

Imagine you are a garden hose, turned on, and the water is flowing from you, spraying directly onto a garden of flowers in front of you.

As you water the flowers growing before you, one spot of the garden grows to be beautiful, bright and brilliant. Your hose is able to concentrate its watering efforts only on one area of the garden at a time.

Now imagine that four other garden hoses line up beside you, with two on either side of you, and together, with your channels open, water flows from each of you to nourish all these different areas of the garden. Together, all the diverse and unique areas of the garden are watered with collective effort and since all parties put in equal effort, all get to benefit for this growing community garden.

For example, if you are primarily clairaudient, and developing your ability to clearly hear messages from your Guides and Angels and you are practicing alongside someone who is primarily clairvoyant, and they are developing their ability to clearly seeing images and messages from their Guides and Angels - some of the water from their hose sprays a little bit onto you, and some of your water, sprays a little bit onto them. Each of you, reap the benefits of the other’s water stream.

You may begin to notice as you open up your clairaudience, that clairvoyant images begin to appear here and there, the flowers of their garden area, begin to slowly pop up and spread over into yours. And vice versa, with you by their side, your neighbor, may begin to notice themselves hearing ringing, popping or buzzing - a sign their clairaudience is opening, and they are receiving some auxiliary benefits from hanging out beside you and your hose.

This is only natural.

When we are focused on illuminating the brilliant areas of our soul, it’s only natural that some of the good work that we do, the Divine energy that we call down, is showered upon those who stand nearby.

Spending time with a spiritual person, and some spirituality energy will wear off on you. Hang out with a psychic, and your own inner intuitions may begin to rise to the surface, or, you start to feel more comfortable voicing these hunches, which you once felt shy about sharing. It’s like if someone takes out an old box of buttons and starts showing them off to you, it doesn’t take long before you suddenly remember, a few buttons you have in your closet, and they start to become unearthed and illuminated, as well.

When practicing or simply by spending time in a pair or a group with others who have complementary abilities or alternative focuses of development (psychometry vs. direct mediumship), you gain the benefits of having other areas of the flower bed watered, without having to focus on those specific areas. All channels of water combine to form the greatest and best outcome for the entire psychic garden. More water flowing to one place at one time, more collective nourishment for the garden and you see greater increases in growth in a shorter amount of time.

This is why I highly encourage you to find a group of people to develop your abilities with.

This is called a Development Circle.

Online Psychic Medium Development Circle. Free to Attend. Virtually Hosted - Join us and like minded folks - anywhere!

Online Psychic Medium Development Circle. Free to Attend. Virtually Hosted - Join us and like minded folks - anywhere!

And it can exist as a small group class or an informal meeting of like minded folks, such as in a group. A development circle is generally a group of 3-8 individuals who practice connecting with Spirit, developing their intuitive abilities and learning about psychic abilities and spiritual growth - together on a weekly or monthly basis. It is usually lead each week by a facilitator, one who leads the group in a certain direction or weekly focus, such as a teacher or another intuitive friend who was assigned the role that week.

A Development Circle can speed up your growth, assist you in making friendships with people who have similar interests and help strengthen and open your own channel. You can nourish all the flowers in your garden, to a greater extent, when you combine watering activities with the others who have access to nearby hoses. There may be local Development Circles near you, which you can often join for a small donation or class fee.

Don’t have a group near you or you do, but it’s private, at an inconvenient time for you, or you feel nervous about going to sit with strangers you’ve never met before?

I understand.

Which is why, together with Sarah Petruno Shamana, we are starting an online, virtual and community based Development Circle!  

Now, you can develop your abilities in the collective benefits of a circle, at any distance when you join myself and Sarah Petruno Shamana in a weekly live intuitive development circle, hosted online with an interactive chatroom component.

The Circle

is a weekly one-hour podcast with a chatroom component where each week, we’ll join together with others all over the world, together in a Live Virtual Development Group. In each podcast, you can participate and listen in wherever you are and connect energetically and through chat, with like-minded folks for spiritual growth, psychic development and intuitive practice.

Join us!

Here are the details:


What: An online community gathering for spiritual development

When: Begins in just two weeks on October 8, 2014 and is Live Hosted on Wednesdays @ 4pm PST/7pm EST for a full hour of growth and development.

Where: Hosted Online on BlogTalk Radio. When you participate live by simply heading over to BlogTalk at the time of the show, you can interactively participate, ask questions and connect with other like-minded development seekers. Each show will be achieved right here on the website and on iTunes, so you can join in and participate at a later date.

Cost to Attend: The cost of attending The Circle is FREE, but due to streaming and hosting costs, we are asking for a minimal suggested donation of $10 for all who can afford to make a contribution. Click HERE to Donate.

How: At the time of the show, on Wednesdays at 4pm PST/7pm EST, go to our The Circle’s webpage at Here, you can live stream and join us at any point during the hour to listen and connect in the live show or find archived episodes.

Together we'll walk through a journey of intuitive growth, spiritual development and psychic awakening. With new topics, tips, techniques and live practice opportunities available each week. When you attend live, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the group and receive the spiritual and energetic benefits of learning in a group.

Direct Link:

Since we’re all Spirit, and those in Spirit, know no bounds of distance or time, we can all join together and share one great, big, world wide channel as we unite with each other and Spirit for tips, practice and live learning opportunities in developing your own abilities to connect intuitively and spiritually.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, October 8th at 4pm PST/7pm EST in the first-ever weekly virtual Development Circle!

With love,


PS - You can find more information out about The Circle and archieved episodes right here on the website -


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