Your Light Is Too Bright: The Truth About Like Attracts Like

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

When I first started developing my abilities, I was told by countless people that my light was so bright, too bright, shining all around. I didn’t have to worry about anything or anyone hurting me or coming into my path that would be detrimental because being such a positive loving person, nothing scary would happen, I would always be protected by the Divine Light.

That as long as I focused on BEing what I wanted to attract - happiness, joyfulness, peace, love and gratitude - everything would be okay. I wouldn’t have to worry about attracting people or Spirits who leached my energy, were unsavory or who bogged me down by the long tales of sorrow, pain and burdens.

Satisfied by this, I was convinced that all I had to do was to raise my vibration so high, I would basically become untouchable to anything else.

Perfect, I’ll do that, I thought.

Oddly though, no matter how loving and compassionate I became, unfavorable experiences and interactions, I seemed to attract, like moths to a flame.

And I wondered, am I doing something wrong here? Am I somehow a low energy person convincing myself falsely that I have a bright light?

Or, if I do really have this bright, Spiritual light, why am I attracting all of this muck and madness?

The truth is, like doesn’t always attract like.

The phrase is really best said, ‘strong energy attracts strong energy, at either side of the spectrum’.

If you are an intuitive, sensitive or medium and have found yourself becoming a magnet for the sorrows and sadness of others, or for strong Spirits who are causing you problems, there’s a pretty sensible explanation for this. And it doesn’t involve a tale of how you really just aren’t ‘doing it right’.

Think of yourself as a giant street light lit on a dark street for miles around.

Miles. There isn’t another one of you within a ten to twenty mile radius around you at all. You are the brightest Light, radiating beams of love, peace, acceptance, joy and complete compassion on a dark street with only a few other slightly dimmed, flickering lights around. Maybe. Spirit sees it, people see it, everyone living and non-living can see this Light shine for miles around. Spiritually speaking, you are a glowing blink of radar on a map of the night sky. Everyone can see you, and everyone who is in need of a Light, for whatever reason, is drawn to you. 

As a Spiritual being, awakened and turned on, you are this street light.  Sure, some one to admire your beauty and thank you for illuminating an otherwise darkened street, but everyone else sees you too.

Everyone else who needs a Light.

A Light attracts all of those who need a source to see more clearly, to find companionship and compassion, and to release energy. You attract both the most beautiful moths to ever grace the night sky and every mosquito who can fly the distance - equally. There is no distinction of who comes to your light, it is turned on, open and bright for all who are so lucky to walk down your street. All are attracted. Moths and mosquitoes. House flies and butterflies.

Like attracts like, but it also attracts unlike who are in need of what you have -

A self propelled inner light source.

Thus, if you are someone who is high vibration, high energy and continually exuding happiness, joy, love, peace and gratitude and find yourself to be a magnet for those who are angry, hateful, sad, guilty or feeling shame, it’s because they are looking for exactly what you have.

And they can have it - within themselves.

What do you do if you attract a non-like?

If you encounter someone like this, your job is to continue doing what you are doing, being a light of joy and peace, but also, being a teacher of the light. Pointing the way to how these individuals can find their own source.

You aren’t at fault for simply glowing brightly. Nothing has been done wrong here. But also, you aren’t responsible for providing electricity to an entire street of houses. The more your street light energy is shared among the neighbors, who can learn to illuminate their own houses, the more diffuse it becomes and the less powerfully it glows. Even though tapping into someone else’s internet connection is free, easy and painless, each house, each neighbor, can be better served by turning on their own lights, one at a time. By sourcing their own connection.

As the first street light turned on within the neighborhood, you have an opportunity to provide resources just so others may see the value of having a Light, but after that, your job is to teach others how to provide themselves with their own electrical source. We can all tap in. Once you’ve built your own fire, people will begin to flock to your flame to admire it’s strength and warmth. You can only warm a crowd for so long, before all are benefited to learn to create their own fires - just as you have.

1. Allow mosquitoes under your lamp, until you can no longer enjoy your own lamp

At some point, the light underneath your lamp becomes less enjoyable to you, the more crowded it becomes. The more people are competing for your light source, your energy, the less you have of it yourself, to simply just enjoy the street you are on.

If you find yourself feeling stretched too thin, too demanded upon, rather than turn out your light and shut down your flow of love and peace energy to the Universe, begin to tell others No.

Here’s how you do it:

“No, I can’t listen right now.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t talk at this moment, maybe later.”

“No, I don’t have time to help you with that right now.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you decide. That’s a decision you’ll have to make yourself.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you should do about that right now. Maybe you should try taking a bath and thinking about it.”

Begin to say no to all of those who are wanting access to your helpful resources. Begin blocking and firewalling your internet connection. You aren’t hurting anyone, you are encouraging others by giving them the incentive they need to learn how to solve, learn and grow for themselves. You can’t do all the growing and learning for everyone. You can’t provide all the resources all the time.

This could be as simple as telling a friend that you can’t hear her complain about her boss right now or telling your mother you can’t hear about how angry she is at your sister at this moment. It could be as difficult as releasing low energy people from your life - for good.

Sometimes, by listening to the pain or sorrow of others and by continuing to be around those who do nothing but exert suffering, you are preventing them from learning how to solve the problem and find the solution themselves.

Also, it’s about time you stopped solving everything for everyone else.

2. Start selectively deciding who is allowed to rest their head on your pillow

Unfortunately, not everyone respects the pillow that they lay their head upon. It could be that they never learned how, they don’t understand the process of being respectful of a pillow, or maybe they don’t know how to love someone, truly, completely and compassionately. These are skills which take time to learn.

It’s possible that you open your pasture of green grass and beauty to someone who needs a place to graze their sheep. And then, this person takes over the pasture and by the end of their stay, there is no grass left for even your own sheep to graze.

Sometimes it’s more important that you ensure a peaceful place for yourself, than to ensure a peaceful place for another.

Before you take someone in and offer help, take a moment to evaluate:

Do I have energetic and time resources to be helping in the amount that I am helping right now?

Am I more exhausted, more tired and more drained after helping than I was before?

Is this person being respectful of my space while I am trying my best to assist them?

Sometimes, the most compassionate thing you can do in any moment is to remember to take care of yourself and keep your space clear of anything that no longer serves you. Sometimes, you have to apply the boundaries you’ve made with Spirit, to the boundaries you have with people in the physical world. And that’s not a bad thing.

3. Teach how others can access their own pillows and light bulbs

The most common reason that you are attracting strong energied individuals, especially on the lower energy spectrum of living, is because what you have, your Light, your Love is something that they want to have, too.

Do they need your Light? No. Well, not really.

People who are in search of Light and of softness, need to know that it’s existence is reality and it’s embodiment can be found in a real, living, once suffering human who sometimes, still suffers. This person is you. They need to know that you exist and now, you are a street light.

They need to know they are and can be understood. And then, they need to be provided with the tools to access their own power, strength, light and passions. Not the push to do it or all the steps along the way, simply - the tools to get started.

When you run into a person who is a non-like of you, remember, that maybe you were once a someone a lot like them, you know, before you became a street light. If your pillow rests on a black top asphalt, know that, at one time, you were that asphalt.  Others know it too, which is why you are the one they seek.

Next time you run into someone who is not like you, remember who you once may have been and offer a suggestion of book or a tool that really helped you get to the place where you are now. Offer the name of a healer or the location of a sacred, healing place for you. Or even provide a suggestion of something you do to release your own painful emotions, when you have them.

You don’t have create the game plan, but you can light the match and hand it over.

After all, you’re the Light.

With love,