An Open Letter of Gratitude


This afternoon, rather than writing an intuitive or spiritual blog, I want to share with you a foreword. And I know, it’s a little bit late for that, but if you have a moment, please have a seat and listen.

When I started writing this blog, it began as a way for me to find other people to connect with who had experiences just like I did. I grew up and started into adulthood, feeling mostly alone. In fact, most of my life, I felt alone. With experiences that I didn’t want to talk about and no one to understand what I saw, heard or felt, I kept the majority of my life under-wraps. From pretty much everyone.

Even though I continued to feel alone, I still felt that someone was out there. That I must have a Spirit family, a group of people who really understood, knew and got me. With the blog, I began writing as an opportunity for me to find my Spirit people. My tribe. A little network of understanding, filled with the people who got me and understood where I was coming from.

And this morning, as I was talking to my now friend and across the street neighbor - who actually began as a client - I told her that I have never felt more happy, more supported and more in love with my life than since I’ve found and welcomed in my Spirit People.

At the time, I thought I was talking about my Spirit Guides and Angels.

But later, I realized what I actually meant was ALL my Spirit People. All the people who understand me and have had the same experiences as I have. Each and every one of my clients, my blog readers, my students and even my friends have the same abilities that I do and it’s my absolute joy in assisting, helping and offering support during such a vulnerable time that is beginning to open up and connect with Spirit.

When I was developing my own abilities, this blog didn’t exist and all I could find were books and internet articles that weren’t that helpful. Not continuously, anyway. And I really wanted that stream of support. A friend to reach out to, even if it was an internet friend. So, I resolved that when I got my feet on the ground - I would create something, so that no one else had to feel so alone. So that everyone, would be able to google search and find something comforting, instead of something haunting and a little vague.

And in offering this continual stream of support through informative articles and articles written specifically because you requested them - I realized something -

It’s not just me who gets to be a continual stream of support.

It’s you, too.

In my email inbox nearly every morning is validation, gratitude and messages from readers, that say, “Hey, I’m experiencing this too and I’m so thankful I have a place to be understood.”

Today,  I finally realized that my original goal to create something for people to not feel alone - has happened. For both myself and for everyone else who has ever come upon my website. I've finally found my Spirit People. And, not a morning goes by that I’m not receiving support from you  - and I want to say thank you.

Just a few months ago, my blog hit over 300,000 monthly views.

And when I first started writing, I doubted that anyone besides my twin sister would ever care what I had to say. As it turns out, there's far more people out there just like me than I originally thought.

Whenever I feel like walking away from writing, from sharing or from connecting with Spirit and being authentically me - it’s always a reader of a blog or a client, who sends me an email, at that exact moment that says:

“Hey, thank you! I just wanted you to know that I’m so glad I found you!”

And I just wanted to say - I’m really glad you found me, too.

With so much love and a hand on my heart,

Thank you for your support as we continue to grow, learn and develop together -