Thirst: The Link Between Hunger, Thirst and Intuitive Growth

Increased Drink Intake Sign of Increased Energy Use - Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually

When you are developing and expanding on your intuitive path, you absorb up as much information as possible.

Searching around on the internet, finding new books, listening to podcasts and watching television shows - all focusing on intuition, energy, and connectedness - things begin to make more and more sense.

Intuitive things start happening to you.

Recently read about seeing Spirits as a glimmer of Light?

No surprise that no more than three days later, you experienced it!

Intuitive learning is exercise for your spirit, mental, and emotional bodies

You already know and have likely heard the phrase before that we’re all Spirit. Spirit, within a human body. A soul experiencing a human reality.

So, you know you’re a dualistic being - a being with both a physical body and a spiritual body.

When you exercise your physical body, you expend energy.

Energy, that you need to replenish and restore. You can rest, take a nice warm bath, but likely, you’ll want to eat more food or drink more water to replenish the lost and used energy. 

The more you work out, the more energy you consume to keep up with your energy expenditure. 

When you Spiritually Awaken, you’re exercising your Spiritual Muscles

Each day you move forward, you are going one step farther along on the trail. And thus, to keep up with this extra energy expenditure, you need to take in more energy. 

In college or high school, you may remember the days of cramming for a test and intense studying. After a long day of learning and memorizing new information, you’re beat tired. You’re exhausted.

As you open up spiritually, you are not only having new experiences, but you are processing, understanding and making sense of them as well. You expend both mental and spiritual energy as you connect, learn and grow. Your body is then going to need more calories and restoration time to keep up. 

One of the best ways to restore your cells and keep your cells replenished is by drinking more and more water. Not to mention, water itself, is an energy conductor. 

Drinking more water is just a sign you’re running more energy. Regardless of whether it's spiritual or not! 

Eventually, your body will begin to normalize to the new amount of energy use and you may notice that your diet preferences and water use levels are higher or different than before. Just like a marathon runner finds a new normal diet, so will you find a new normal as you increase an expand. 

Worried about consuming too much food or drink?

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Amanda Linette Meder