Introducing the Mediumship Development Training Program for Spring 2014!!

I am so excited to introduce this new training program, after developing personally tailored coaching support and on-demand articles and blogs to assist you in developing your spiritual gifts, I've decided to announce an official class! 

If you're an avid reader of the blog (thank you!), you'll know that throughout my career, I've been a teacher - in both public education and in the university classroom setting and now, I'm putting it to use to share my one true love - connecting with Spirit - with you. 

Please check out the details of the program below and I hope to see you and your spiritual team in class soon! 


This program is taught by Amanda Linette Meder and to participate, all you need is access to a reliable telephone. Classes are scheduled for 2.5 hours in length and include a small break. Class do occasionally last up to3 hours, depending on the day and the class. All classes are under 6 students to keep the format highly interactive and very personalized. The mediumship training program is designed to bring you to a place of acceptance and confidence in your abilities and  to expand your connection to those in Spirit for yourself and others. This course will be offered seasonally and depending on the enrollment rate, additional class times and dates may be added each season.


Spring 2014 Mediumship Training Program.  Learn to connect with Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones for yourself and others. Join the Mediumship and mediums training program via distance and teleseminar!! Registration is now open!

The overall purpose and goal of this training program is to help you get to a place of comfort and confident in your own unique strengths and abilities in connecting with spirit, so that on the completion of the class, you will feel complete confidence on going out into the world and practicing on your own. Many of my clients and students do go out and read professionally and begin to integrate mediumship into their lives in very unique and beneficial ways!

Opening up to Spirit is a self healing and transformational process and an intensive, dedicated and diligent learning process. Many people, including myself, find that welcoming Guides, Angels and Loved Ones into your life with Mediumship is the jump start to complete self transformation - emotionally, spiritually and physically. While mediumship is the emphasis of this course, you’ll learn how to manage, control and enhance all of your psychic abilities, whether or not you are currently aware of them. Expanding psychic abilities and intuition are the core of tools for connecting with Spirit, thus, developing psychically in addition to spiritually will be a given here.

Upon full completion of the training program, you'll receive:

A graduation certificate stating that you've completed the Mediumship Training Program

An exit private spiritual coaching session to amplify and tailor your journey for success

All the information you need to go out and begin practicing mediumship on your own

To learn as much as possible about the world of Spirit, and how to connect and troubleshoot interactions with your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones, each lesson and stage will build upon the next so that you may learn in a step by step fashion that is completely safe and effective. While Amanda intends to teach you all that you need to know to connect with Spirit safely, easily and with confidence, your own level of comfort and confidence will also be a large factor in your development. This class is designed to help you build trust in yourself and your abilities and Spirit, as when working with Spirit, developing trust in Spirit is essential, and takes time.

Format:  Interactive/participatory class. This a teleseminar course, which means it will be conducted over the phone via conference call. Amanda will use telephone; and you can use any kind of phone - landline, cell, Skype or computer with a microphone. Each class will include an interactive lecture and participation and practice.

I absolutely love connecting in teleconference method as we are able to unite and connect with Spirit all over the globe. It’s time effective (no travel or getting dressed), cost effective (you don’t have to drive, book a hotel, or deal with any transportation fees to the course), and it’s completely convenient, which means you can connect with Spirit and the other students anywhere you like. Since we’ll do so much work in meditations, visualizing and connecting it’s actually best you’ll be located in a place where you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. In fact, with this method, you’ll learn how to connect someone with Spirit from any distance.

The class will be highly interactive and you’ll have the opportunity ask questions, and share your experiences safely and without judgement. Learning from other mediums and therefore, each other, is an essential part of the process.

This class will be recorded and you’ll have access to the recorded version of the class after each session without an extra charge. What this means is, if you miss a class, you still have access to the full class session!

Class size: The class size is small and of less than 6 participants and therefore, students individual starting levels and needs will be taken into consideration throughout the process and each student will receive partners, potential clients to read and activities based on their level of confidence and comfort. Mediumship and connecting with Spirit is not a competition or a race, but rather, a gentle process of exploration, fun and opening to the Divine. It’s not competitive and each student will have their individual strengths and highlights, where they can shine and share with others and vice versa. The course is designed so that students may learn and grow from each other and their experiences.

Homework and in-between class support: Each week, you’ll be assigned homework and while not mandatory, making an effort to complete your homework assignments will definitely improve your progress in the class. Additionally, as you progress, you will occasionally be given assignments that involved reading other people. Don’t worry! I’ll be working with you in the readings and we’ll walk through it so you feel completely 100% comfortable before it happens. Spirits are always honest and truthful and their intention is to set you up always for success. This class is all about how to receive information, messages and guidance from Spirit for yourself and others, and we’re going to put that to practice!

In between classes, you’ll be completely free to contact and connect with me throughout the week, whenever you need help or are feeling stuck. I’m here to support you and help you move through the class as fluidly and without fear as possible. Sometimes, if you have a question, with your permission, I’ll ask to save the answer for the following week - so everyone can hear and learn from your experiences.


In this spiritually opening program, you’ll learn how to connect with Spirit for yourself and others, both in readings and in daily life. You will learn how communicate with spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and Angels. You will learn how to ground and protect yourself and how to deal with any Spiritual situation that comes your way. And most importantly, you’ll not only learn how to open, expand and safely explore your abilities, but also manage and control your abilities.

Here’s some of the learning goals of this training program:

Learn how Spirit is already connecting with you

Learn how to identify and distinguish the differences between the types of Spirits that exist

Learn how to identify when Spirit is with you and visiting you

Identify when those in Spirit want to connect with you, and how to ‘pick up on it’ more often

Learn how to see, hear and/or feel those in Spirit

Learn how to manage and control your abilities

Learn which of your abilities are strongest and most prevalent

Learn how to set boundaries with Spirit and energetically protect yourself

Learn which of your intuitive and psychic gifts are strongest

Learn how to develop your intuitive and psychic gifts and flex your psychic muscles

Learn how to Meet your personal Spirit Guides

Learn how to Meet your personal Guardian Angels

Learn how to develop your relationship with your Spirit Guides and Angels

Learn how to Identify a Spirit for another person

Learn how to give Mediumship Readings for yourself

Learn how to give Mediumship Readings for others

Learn how to cross-over those in Spirit

Learn how to deal with any spiritual situation that comes your way

Learn how to clear spaces, people and houses of energy and Spirit

Learn how to shift and raise your energy to connect with Spirit or just for fun

Learn how to clear and clean your chakras and energy

Learn how to ground and protect yourself psychically

Learn how to listen to yourself and to Spirit clearly and with trust

Learn how to access information from Spirit all over the world and at any distance

Integrate your spiritual and emotional goals into all aspects of your daily life

Learn how to get all types of information from Spirit including information on soul’s purpose, relationships, finances, careers, people, healing creativity, and more!


This program is designed for those who wish to learn how to communicate and connect with their Spirit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved ones - both for themselves and for others. This is a beginning program, but is not exclusive to beginners in the intuitive, energetic or psychic areas - in fact, many students who are learning and opening to those in Spirit have experience working with intuition and intuitive development. This class is perfect for those completely new to the field and for those who have already been working with their abilities but feel like they need an extra boost of information and support before going on on their own.

In this program, you will learn all that you need to know to confidently manage, safely open up, and bring through those in Spirit for yourself and others. While it’s not necessary that you plan to be a professional medium at the end of the program, you will learn all the skills you need to connect with Spirit effectively and efficiently in order to do so.

Anyone who has the desire to learn how to connect with Spirit - either for themselves or others, and those who will to manage, control and utilize their abilities for the greater good and Anyone who would like to be able to access information from Spirit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones for themselves and others is welcome to join!

Unfortunately, this class is not for you if you are interested in joining simply to receive messages from Spirit through developing mediums or if you wish to connect with Spirits that are not aligned to the Divine Light.

No experience is needed!  You are not required to be comfortable calling yourself a medium or even be sure that you have the ability yet. All you need is an open heart and a willingness to focus, concentrate and connect with Spirit.

Worried about what happens if you don’t progress like you thought or life happens and you miss a class? Don’t worry, most clients and students surprise themselves with how much they actually know and are capable of when working with Spirit (seriously). And, you'll have access to all the recordings so you can download and listen to this week’s class at your leisure. As always, you can always retake the class in the next semester if you feel it’s necessary.


Teacher: Amanda Linette Meder

Spring 2014 Dates and Times

Morning Class: Tuesday, June 2nd starting each week at 10:00 am EST

Evening Class: Wednesday June 3rd starting each week at 6:30pm EST

Length: Each class is 12 weeks, between 2.5-3 hours per class, meeting once per week

Upon full completion of the training program, you'll receive:

A graduation certificate stating that you've completed the Mediumship Training Program

An exit private spiritual coaching session to amplify and tailor your journey for success

All the information you need to go out and begin practicing mediumship on your own



Prior to registering the course, please fill out and digitally sign this virtual agreement. I ask that you read and sign this agreement in full, as once registration fees are submitted, refunds are not available and it’s important that you confidently feel that you can complete this course.


To reserve your spot in this class, provide a general down payment (with remaining initial payment due before the start of class), a full payment, or the Initial payment for the two or three installment plan. 

Future payments can be set up for payment via PayPal, credit card or debit card with payment plan options one and two. Registration fees are non-refundable once submitted, however, you can delay your training or repeat the class if you feel necessary.

Need more information and/or have questions about the class?

Please contact with any questions you may have about the class. 

Registration Closed For This Event.

Please check out distance classes here and upcoming live events here. If you are a teacher yourself, for an outline on how to teach these classes or something similar, click here.