Top 10 Articles from 2013 on the Blog

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium 

In the Spirit of opening and unfolding, this year marks my first official year as a blogger and author on spiritual development, intuitive growth and connecting with your deceased loved ones. 

After many suggestions from friends, relatives, clients and complete strangers, I finally decided to put everything I knew down on paper and on the world wide web in an effort to provide support, understanding and comfort for you in the development of your abilities and also, to assist you in connecting with your loved ones in Spirit. 

As of today, there are over 500 articles on the blog and website to assist you in connecting with your loved ones, spirit guides and angels and help you to release fear and accept your spiritual abilities. The number of articles is growing daily - so keep reading!

Don't know where to start? Let the internet  help you decide! 

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Top 10 Most Popular Articles