Spirit Q & A: I started sensing and seeing Spirits after the birth of my child. Is that normal?

Guest Post by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Completely normal.

Photography by Kait (c).  Sarah's daughter, Cora, as a newborn.  

Photography by Kait (c).  Sarah's daughter, Cora, as a newborn.  

It is believed by many, that this time in a woman’s life is the single most universal, spiritual opening experience. Across all humans, male and female, in all cultural and socioeconomic classes. The time after a woman gives birth to her first child, is actually the PRIME time for an opening of the ability to see, hear, and feel those in Spirit. And let me tell you why.

Prior to the birth of my daughter, I was hardly spiritual. I believed in ghosts, yes, I had no reason to be a skeptic of any sort, but I was more or less uninformed on the topic of all things Spirit and metaphysical, and I really had no interest in learning, you know, besides watching haunting reality shows.

It was not until after her birth, that my entire family just about, underwent a spiritual transformation. This period of time for me, coincided with when my twin sister, Amanda, transitioned into professional medium. I was spending many hours alone with an infant, with plenty of time to think, and plenty to quiet time for Spirit, to start paying me a visit, too.

Each and every living being has a Spirit - you, me, animals, plants, babies, whoever. In our physical bodies reside our soul, our Spirit.

And in some cultures and spiritual circles, it believed, that in humans, the Spirit of the baby, does not fully join the physical body until the exact moment the baby is born into the physical world, the moment when the baby takes their first breath. While in the womb, the baby’s spirit is coming and going from your womb - existing in between the physical world in your body, and the spiritual world up in heaven. Checking in and checking out. During this time, the baby spirit is going back to the realm of Spirit, planning last minute details about their upcoming, new life on Earth. The baby is alive, yes, but the Spirit is coming and going.

You may have actually kind of felt this before,right? I have. Days, hours and times when you feel like the baby is really there and active and you are connected to the baby and the baby to you. Then there are other days, when you feel pretty disconnected - like perhaps you aren’t pregnant at all!

At the moment of birth, when the baby takes it’s first breath, is when the Spirit joins with the physical body.

- A Clear Channel for Spirit -

And the way this happens? The Spirit of the baby enters the mother’s body through the crown chakra, traveling down the internal channel of the mother’s body, until it reaches the crown of the baby, and enters through the baby’s crown. At the moment of birth, the mother is a clear, wide open, channel for spirit.

All mothers, are at this time, a clear channel for Spirit - for the Spirit of their Child.

Not only that, but the birth of a child is a celebration! Your deceased Loved Ones, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors all want to be there to witness such a momentous occasion. Many of your Spiritual friends stop by specifically for the birth of a child.

For these two reasons, the birth of a child is a universal time for when there is no veil between the worlds. A complete blending of the physical world and the world of Spirit. The mother exists completely within both of these realms at this time, and, for many women (including myself), this existence between the realms persists for many months after the birth. I felt like I was existing in a trance, out of my own body and it was surreal. These feelings are indications that you are existing between the realms.

Now, at the birth of your first child, each woman has had, often without their knowledge, a deeply profound spiritual experience. It’s not everyday you suddenly become a channel for spirit AND bring a life into this world. This is a time of life that many women, after the birth of their child, begin to explore deeper meanings to their life, look for spirituality, examine their life’s purpose.

- You Become Very Alert -



Not only that, but at the birth, a doorway for spirituality has been opened. You’ve been touched by Spirit, and you’re spending so much time alone with your child, at the peace of the late night hours, that you’re a lot more available to those in Spirit than you once were. You’re paying attention to sounds, sensations, creaks, touches, flickering lights. You are aware of all the signs that Spirit can use to get your attention.

Sure, it’s for your child, but your body and spirit, reactively, don’t know that. You notice everything. At times when your deceased loved ones have visited you before, you may not have noticed, you were too preoccupied. And you’re still preoccupied, but it’s different now, you’re specifically looking for things that are not “normal,” or otherwise out of the ordinary.

Spirits may take notice of your heightened awareness. Where you may have ignored them before, NOW IS THEIR CHANCE. And they’re going to take this opportunity to connect with you. As a new Spirit channel, you’re an interesting new potential friend, too. Spirits want to communicate, they’re people, it’s in their very nature to reach out. You’re a new kid in the class, you just moved to a new town, and enrolled in a new school. It’s only normal for all the other students (Spirits) to reach out to the new kid to try to make friends. You’re popular and interesting, everyone wants to get to know this cool new girl, who just joined the Spirit club.

Why can you see and sense them then? Simple, we all have the ability to sense energy (Spirit) and we all a third eye, crown, and throat chakra, that means, we can all see, hear, and feel spirit. The only thing stopping us from doing this as adults are our own personal barriers, and when we become a clear channel and the veil between the worlds is lowers, all of our barriers go with it. We are immersed in the world of Spirit.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors contributing to why Spirits visit new mothers, and why new mothers can sense them.

It’s important to note that if you do not welcome Spirits or do not want this kind of activity in your home, you can set boundaries and limits on who visits you and when (it could be never!). Just as you would tell someone in your new class to stop digging through your backpack when you went to the cafeteria, you can lay down and set ground rules here too. 

Hope that helps!


Sarah Petruno is Amanda’s twin sister, a Shamana with a scientific background. She works within Energetic and Spiritual Realms to assist her clients in healing their mind, body, and spirit. Sarah enjoys teaching and empowering others to take charge of their energetic and spiritual well being. Visit Sarah's website to learn more about what offers, here

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