When You Don't Get to Say Goodbye: Your Deceased Loved Ones Perspective.

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

When my father died several years ago, I was halfway across the country.

The span of time between hearing the news and his actual crossing was about 8 hours. Many of the flights that day had already left and no matter how fast I drove to the airport, I wouldn’t have made it in time. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to him and no one else in my family did either. For a long time, personally, I felt a lot of guilt, and so did many of my family members. Guilt that he died without his family present and the fact that we couldn’t properly say goodbye. It broke our hearts, day after day, to simply think about.

Do you have someone you loved who died without a chance for you to say goodbye in person?

Perhaps the doctors told you to go home, shower and make a sandwich.

Perhaps your cell phone was accidently on silent during their last call to you and you weren’t able to reach it. 

Maybe you got in a fight with your Loved One right before their crossing.

Or perhaps, it was so sudden, that there simply wasn’t enough time. It just happened so fast.

At the time, I wondered, does my father know how much I wished to be there and how much I miss him? If you are reading this, you may be wondering, too. Does my deceased loved one know that I really wanted to say goodbye? Are they mad at me? Do they wish I would’ve had a chance to say goodbye to them before they died? Or wish that I tried harder to be there or do something?

Rest assured.

They know how much you miss them and they forgive you for not being able to say goodbye.

The truth is - your loved one wanted to say goodbye to you, too. And, with the loss of their physical body, they were able to  take certain liberties immediately after becoming Spirit and before fully crossing over, into the Light.

Of course, one of the first things your father, sister, brother, husband or wife did before fully leaving Earth was to say goodbye to everyone that they love - including you!

In 99% of my sessions, when a Spirit comes through who died suddenly or without all of their family members present, not only do they hardly care at all, but they say something like this,

“Oh, don’t worry! After I died, I stuck around for a few days and visited everyone to say goodbye until I was ready to leave! I even said goodbye to you . . . remember that time when . . . ?”

Take a moment to take a deep breath. Release your guilt. They know how hard you tried and they forgive you.

While your Loved Ones in Spirit DO have the opportunity to cross over into the Light almost immediately after leaving their physical body, not all of them chose to cross right away. Typically they have between 3-5 days after passing to cross over into the Light. During this time, your Loved Ones spend time coming to terms with their own departure, tying up loose strings and tending to things that really matter.

These loose strings aren’t always what you would expect, though. They’re more important than that. For many, it’s only the most important matters that are handled.

Important matters like giving one last hug to their daughter. Or one last kiss to their wife.

Now, do you really believe your loved ones would leave the Earth without kissing you goodbye first?

I didn’t either. 

With love,


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