The Voices in my Head: The difference between Ego, Intuition (Higher Self) and Spirit

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

At some point or another, whether we’re talking right now as you read this or during a very specific moment, you have encountered a voice that comes from within. Perhaps this voice is one that is always chattering and offering banter or it is calm and patient, cautious and directive, providing you with information that was crucial to you and your understanding of a situation.

This voice can sounds like your own, but softer and more loving. Or, it can actually be more of a feeling in your stomach or a knowingness in your heart, than an actual auditory voice. But either way, this voice has helped you reason things out, near-miss an accident or call someone exactly when they needed to hear from you.

This is the voice inside your head.

Photo: [Florin Garoi]

Photo: [Florin Garoi]

And there are many of these internal words and thoughts. Some of the words that come from within your own mind, and are that of your physical self (the ego), however, other times, this is truly your Higher Self (intuition) speaking. And in my case and many cases, it is actually the voice of Spirit.

Since Spirit can connect with your thoughts and lives, and can hear our requests, it only makes sense that we can, in turn, hear those in Spirit. Even if that Spirit is our Spirit within, our own link to the Divine. Many mediums and psychics have started developing their clairaudient abilities and professional practices by simply starting to take their own voices seriously. And it’s time you begin to get it all sorted out, too!

How can you tell the difference between yourself, and the voice of Spirit? What is actually Divine Guidance and what is simply your Egoic fears, worries and preoccupation?

Before we get started, let’s move through the subtle differences of Ego, Intuition and Spirit.


Spirit is the voice of any being who has crossed over into the Light. This could be your Spirit Guides, Angels or a deceased Loved One. The voice of Spirit is often quiet and heard from the ‘right side’ of your head. This is the intuitive side of your brain, the creative, imagination side. If you have ever heard ringing within the right ear, whispers or noises when no one is around, this could be a sign of Spirit connecting with you. Occasionally, those in Spirit will provide you with ideas on your left side, in the form of claircognizance (clear-knowing).

Inspirational ideas and good plans just drop into your mind? There’s a good chance this is Spirit.

Most of the time, the voice of Spirit is internal (telepathic clairaudience) rather than external. Without voice boxes, many of those in Spirit choose to use the energy of your mind to create their words and messages to you - it’s easier. The voice of Spirit can come to you in dreams, in meditation and in the background throughout the day, though hearing such softness through the hectic nature of a day does take practice (Learn when Spirit visits here). Calm, gentle and sometimes humorous, the voice of Spirit will not be hasty, negative nor putting you down or instilling fear and anxiety.  The voice of Spirit is always rational, thoughtful, and loving.   


  • On the right side

  • Usually an internal voice

  • Calm and gentle

  • In dreams, meditations (and during the busy day, with time and practice)

Intuition (Higher Self)

The voice of your intuition is actually the voice of your Higher Spirit, your internal guiding light, the part of you in Spirit that is connected to the all Divine Source.  This is the eternal you - the greater Spirit of you who knows your path and has been present for all of your lives. This voice can speak to you as a feeling within your stomach (clairsentient), a calling within your heart or a knowingness within your mind (claircognizance). It can also speak to you through pre-cognition and vivid dreaming through images and metaphors (clairvoyance).

It can also be an actual voice, such as a voice on your right side, as is the case with Spirit, however, this is less common for the Higher Self. It’s more common to hear your Higher Self as a knowingness on your left side. The voice of the Higher Self often speaks in dreams and meditation, like the voice of Spirit, however, the voice of the Higher Self can also come suddenly to you in the middle of the day - no matter how busy - to provide ‘emergency’ insight. The voice of your Higher Self is soft like Spirit, however is associated with an inner authority and knowingness, that is different from those in Spirit who are external of you. The voice of intuition is also a firmly persistent source (not much unlike a ‘nagging’ feeling).


  • Inner knowingness (not limited to a voice within your head)

  • Spoken with self authority

  • Persistent

  • In dreams, meditations and suddenly during the day for ‘emergency’ insight


The ego is the voice of survival, the voice of the physical body and the voice of the external collective world - combined. It is the identification with the self in the physical and emotional world - not the Spiritual world. If you’re reading right now, already, you’ve had an internal conversation between what your physical self wants (ex. the promise of a secure job and a pension) and what your spiritual self is called to (ex. sharing your artwork and music with the world). In many cases, your ego roots for you the way a college advisor would - make sensible plans, asks you to be watchful and fearful of the external world that may bring you down, and always be in a to a place of safety.

Think of a discriminating father from the 1950’s, suggesting you get a secure job and husband, or telling you that being a traditional Doctor is the only way to success. The Ego self is based around fear - the fear of you no longer existing safely in the physical world. In it’s messages you often feel two ways - worried, nervous and small or powerful, big and secure. It’s the part of you that criticizes what you do, is hasty and can reiterate cultural teachings that keep you “safe” and inside a comfort zone. It can be the voice of the external collective - what is considered by media and the human social arena.

Often, the voice of the Ego speaks over the voice of the Spirit and the Higher Self. It is the voice of that guy at the bar who always has to be right, even if he knows nothing about it. He probably doesn’t listen to anyone else or their suggestions - he’s right, and who cares what anyone else has to say. It speaks to you in the front area of your mind and often, on the left. Where in contrast, the voice of Intuition and the voice of Spirit is often behind. The voice of Ego very rarely speaks to us in dreams or meditation - most commonly, it dominates the voice that tells you what needs to happen, that you are running late and your life is ruined and reminds you of the thing you shouldn’t have said last night - all throughout the day. With practice, the voice of the Ego can be quieted and the other two voices can be honored and brought to the forefront. Ego, for physical survival purposes, eventually becomes the leading voice when we are born onto this earth.


  • Quick to make a remark

  • Often worry and anxiety focused

  • Speaks ‘over’ the other voices

  • Throughout the day

Okay, so now that we’ve identified the differences, take a moment to simply examine that which speaks to you already. Have you noticed any of these subtle characteristic changes within your own mind?

Ready to practice sorting out which voices are which? Great!

4 Tips on Sorting out the Voices

1. Ask who is on the other line.

Just like answering a phone call and not knowing who is on the receiving end, you have a right to ask, “Who is this?”. Would you continually pick up the phone and listen to someone speaking on the other end without knowing the source of the information? You’d hang up unless the caller let us know who they were and we actually wanted to hear their thoughts. Thus, ask the ‘caller’ to identify themselves. Over time, you will be able to match their voice and their style of speech with their identify-  just like a friend who calls you every day - you learn who they are and won’t ask after a while. In fact, you might even know before you pick up the phone who is on the other end of the line. At the very least, you’ll have the option of choosing who to pick up the phone for and when press the ignore button - without question!

The next time you hear ‘the voice’ ask who is is that is speaking to you, ‘who’ it is. Wait for a response and the response may not come to you as more voices. You may feel, know or sense an answer.  Sometimes you will get silence. If so, shut your eyes. In front of your eyes, in the empty darkness space that lies behind your eyelids - imagine three words - Ego, Higher Self and Spirit.

Then, ask who it is and watch what ‘the change’ and the ‘behavior’ of words do in front of you. Which grows bigger? Changes color? Or becomes more prominent? The word that ‘grows’ and get’s bigger in size is most likely, the voice who is speaking to you. In some cases, it could be an animal guide or even your deceased mother! This is very common, actually.

2. Create a platform.

Even if you have not asked who is speaking to you, you can ask certain callers to connect with you at certain times. Just like yelling out to your friend on campus to text you later, you can do so with the voices that speak to you. Next time you are wondering and wanting to know an answer to something - pause. Take three big inhalations and exhalations. Then ask your Higher Self, Guide, deceased Loved One or Angel to step forward and provide you with the answer. Don’t ask all of them at once or simply say ‘whoever’ - specify who is to take the stage at that moment.

Give each a chance to speak, in an opportunity when you know that you have specifically asked for this individual to ‘speak’ to you.

Sometimes the messages will come through as internal thoughts or in the case of a Loved One who has crossed, something similar to ‘what they would have said’, if they were still alive. They don’t change, after all! Other times, the message or answer will come to you as a sign later, which you can ask for.

Try this out. Next time you are wanting specific guidance, get into a gentle and focused meditative state. Put on some music, take some deep breaths and then, lay out the platform. Ask for your Guide or Loved One to step forward and speak.

Write down or speak aloud what comes through. As many times, it’s easy to receive a message if it has a way to be released from you. Like a river without a dam, the message is able to flow more freely if it can continue flowing with complete freedom.

3. Double-check your work.

Spirit Guides and Angels love to connect with you through Oracle cards. Thus, use these as a ‘back-up’ to check and see if what was spoken to you within your mind ‘matches’ what you pull in the cards.

Pendulums are wonderful tools for consulting the wisdom of your Higher Self. Think your voices are from the true source, Higher Self you? Ask a pendulum.

Ask someone else for validation. But first, ask your voices and see what is spoken to you here. Consult an intuitive friend for a reading trade or card pulling. Ask a psychic in a quick-one question email reading. See what matches and what resonates with you. As always, it’s important to go with what you feel most guided by.

4. Practice making calls.

The more practice you get singling out each voice and simply asking who is who, the easier it will be to tell each caller apart. If you never speak to your friends on the phone, how are you to know who is talking at any time? To discern the difference, there is no greater tool then simple practice in listening. Begin by picking up the phone, then ask who is calling.

These are just a few tips to help you discern what IS and what is NOT Spirit. 

I hope this helps! 

With love,


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