The Circle: The Spring Line-up is Here!

The Circle is both a radio show and an online community gathering for spiritual development that is aired LIVE on Wednesdays @ 4pm PST/7pm EST via BlogTalkRadio, with weekly discussion held before and after the show on the The Circle's Facebook Group. 

Join Sarah Petruno Shamana and Amanda Linette Meder Medium in a weekly live program about intuitive development, psychic improvement and spiritual communication. This interactive show is hosted online with listener questions answered on-air. With new topics weekly, and tips, techniques and live practice opportunities available each week, each show is jam packed with information geared to help you flourish on your intuitive journey. 

Each year, there's a Fall and a Spring season, and the Spring Line-up for 2015 has just arrived. The Show and group resumes on January 21, 2015, but the top line-up has just been pre-released. 

Want to preview the next seasons' topics? Get a feeling for what we'll be covering next year? Check out our line up below!


All shows are on Wednesdays @ 4pm PST/7pm EST 

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1/21/15: #10. Meditation without meditating: Developing a practice of focus and quiet within.

1/28/15: #11. Overcoming the Doubt Factor: You're already intuitive! Part 1

2/4/15: #12. Overcoming the Doubt Factor: You're already intuitive! Part 2

2/11/15: #13. Learning to Trust: Test Driving your Intuition

2/15/15: #14. What do you do about non-supporters? Identifying and handling naysayers

2/25/15: #15. How to find supporters: Identifying your allies

3/4/15: #16. Spiritual Supporters: Who's on your team on the Other Side?

3/11/15: #17. Guardian Angels vs. Spirit Guides - Is one better than the other?


3/18/15: NO SHOW - Spring break


3/25/15: #18. Spiritual Calling Cards: Learning how your Guiding Spirit Gets in Touch with You

4/1/15: #19. It's Not a Coincidence! The 10 Most Real Signs from the Other Side

4/8/15: #20. I'm not getting any signs! What am I doing wrong?

4/15/15: #21. Rebirth, Renewal, and Crossing Over: What happens after death?

4/22/15: #22. Does everyone go into the Light? The stages of crossing over

4/29/15: #23 The Spiritual Spectrum: from Dark to Light, where are you?

5/6/15: #24. Stepping into the Light: What does it mean and how do you choose?

And that's all! 

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