The Circle (Episode #3): Signs you are clairvoyant: How to develop psychic sight

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In this week’s show, learn how to identify and begin opening up your clear-seeing abilities of Clairvoyance.

Signs you are clairvoyant: How to develop psychic sight

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Hosts and Guests

Sarah Petruno is a Shamana with a scientific background who provides profound spiritual, energetic and physical healing.

Amanda Linette Meder is a Psychic Medium and teacher who strives to demystify the spirit world and mediumship process.

New Announcements

New Class: Registration for the Connecting with the Spirit World class just opened! This teleseminar course is designed to open up your intuitive abilities to begin connecting directly with your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones. Learn more here:

Science Fridays:  Each week, Sarah sorts out the science and math, behind all things intuitive. Find this new series every Friday here


Articles: What is the Third Eye?The Pineal Gland & Intuition

Book: The Encyclopedia of Symbolism

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Your intuitive and paranormal questions are answered on-air.

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Determining what's you and what isn't - how do you hear Spirit?

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