Have my Guardian Angels forgotten about me?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

There you are, standing in line at the coffee shop. Paying for a nice drink, with $3 you shouldn’t even be spending because you have bills to pay. Bills that you aren’t even sure how they are going to be paid at all. You are already -$600 in the red for this month, and here you are, spending some money you don’t have.

You have children, rent and mortgage, and a partner who doesn’t appreciate you. You don’t like your job, you hardly like your friends, and you are sick of hearing about how you just need to say 5 things you are grateful for each morning. Because then, as the theory goes, things to be grateful for will manifest before your eyes and it will be all fixed. You tried it a few mornings, and thought, “Well, this is stupid”, and then stopped. How can you be grateful for anything when your car just broke down and your hours just got cut at work?!

At this point, you may be wondering, am I being punished for something?

Am I somehow missing all of the signs that my guides and angels have sent me?

If I am, how on earth was I to know what the signs were?

Or maybe you got some hints about what you were indeed supposed to do, or a path to follow, and you blatantly decided to go another direction - have your guides given up on you? Have your Angels just said, enough is enough, washed their hands of you, and declared that you were on your own now? Simply because of the one time you didn’t listen?

The answer quite simply is this -

No. Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides HAVE NOT abandoned you.

If you can’t feel your guides around you, consider that your main gift isn’t feeling Spirit at all - perhaps your main gift is clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairvoyance. Before we move on, consider it. Seriously. Feeling your Angels may not be a strong ability for you - it could be any of the other abilities that is stronger.

This isn’t a sign you have been abandoned at all, this is a sign that you have other gifts, and to start exploring that possibility. Just as it is a challenge to extend yourself outward, into the world, in careers, in family, in your social life,  it is a challenge, and a practice, also to extend yourself inward, to connect with Spirit.

Have you been trying, trying, trying so hard to extend outward, to make yourself and your life work for you, nearly running your wheels out of oil, down to the bearing joints?

Stop.  Sit down at a table. Enjoy your $3 coffee that you weren’t supposed to buy, anyway.

It’s time to pull it all in and take an hour, a day, to extend yourself inward.

While your Angels are always there, they are waiting for you to want to get to know them, genuinely, honestly, quietly, and alone.

Take a deep breath.

And ask, Guardian Angels, where have you been?

What have you been doing?

What is your role here, anyway?

If you ask this question internally, within, you will receive an answer as a thought, also within.

This is the voice of Spirit.

Spirit often speaks internally to you. But with any good friend, you often feel like they speak to you before they say an external word. Listen quietly and intently. Remember, your Guides and Angels wait along the shoreline, and sometimes, their voices are difficult to hear over the sound of a swiftly moving stream. 

Next, consider that your Guardian Angels and Guides may not have been with you at all.

If they are ‘always with me’, how is it that they are not with me?

Working for you, that is where. Talking to other people, other Angels, other Guides, arranging advance scenarios for you, figuring out how to teach you lessons in real time. Being a guardian Angel or a Guide is like being a Director of an improv Skit. Yes, there is a general theme, yes there is a general layout, but ANYTHING can happen, and you have to stay on top of it, to make sure things don’t go astray, off into the zone of Rogue.

Are you a particularly unpredictable actor? Do you always shift directions, change plans, make new decisions? Have you or your life gone rogue, as it were? If it has, that's cool.

But remember, your Guides and Angels may call a timeout for a moment, to reconvene, figure out where things need to go next and how they can make that happen. Figure out the next play, so to speak.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned you.

They are simply adjusting to your plan B, plan F, or plan double ZZ.

Your Guardian Angels are present with you, and you can begin connecting with them now.

Go quietly within. Take a break. Ask them internally. Then, wait for your response.

If you’d prefer they stay with you right by your side, ask for this support - and they'll assure it comes true. 

With love,