3 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself From Negativity

Guest Post: Sarah Petruno

Are you a normally upbeat and happy person, but find that you come home at the end of the day feeling the stress and tension from the workplace?  

Have you ever walked into a room and all of a sudden felt sad or anxious for seemingly no reason?

If you often find yourself in situations and social environments that leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, tense, or drained, you might be surprised to find out that these feelings may not be entirely your own!

Many, many people absorb the feelings, energies, and emotions of the situations and the people they surround themselves in. This can happen anywhere - at work, at gatherings with friends, at the grocery store, at the mall, out to dinner, and even at home.

The examples above are situations in which you may have absorbed foreign energies and emotions into your energy field - and there are ways to protect yourself from that. 

First things first, you have an energy field that surrounds your physical body.

Each person has different levels of energy, and this can change through the day, with your mood, or with your life stages, meaning that... 

Your energy field can extend a few inches to several feet, in all directions, surrounding your body in many layers - each layer interacting to affect your feelings, emotions, thinking, behavior, and overall health.

With all of these layers in your energy field, affecting your emotions, thinking, health, and behavior, having another person’s energy in your space, can be quite damaging! You can begin to feel and think things that are not your own, feel tired or drained, or even become physically ill. However, there is a simple way to shield and protect yourself from this psychically -

3 Simple Steps for Protecting Yourself from Negativity

Step 1:  Grounding

The first step to protecting yourself from foreign energies is to perform a grounding meditation.

There is one of these in this shop under Meditations called My Daily Meditation. 

By grounding yourself, you are restoring your connection to the earth and bringing yourself a few moments of quietude to focus on yourself and your core.  

Here's an example of a grounding meditation:

You sit or stand upright, with your feet firmly on the floor and the palms of your hands facing upward.

Take a few deep breaths, then imagine a tree trunk extending from your sacrum (or base of your spine) through the floor. With each exhale, imagine roots traveling deeper, through the soil, through the bedrock, and eventually to the core of the earth. Once you’ve reached the core of the earth, breathe deeply. When you inhale, follow your roots back up through the earth to your sacrum.  

You are now grounded!   

Practice doing this often, and if possible, outside, barefoot, with your feet touching the earth.

Step 2: Imagine Your Energy Field

After you’ve grounded yourself, you’ll want to imagine your energy.   

Your energy field is a colored bubble that surrounds your body, often referred to as an aura or “auric egg.”  

I often imagine my aura as a light yellow or gold.  

Take note of your aura - what it looks like and how far away from your body it is.  

If you can’t see, postulate the color of your aura, and how far away it is from your body.

Next, look for foreign energy in your energy field.

You can assign it color; I imagine foreign energy as black or dark grey. It can look like grey clouds covering a certain area, needles, stakes, stones, boulders, pebbles, or dents. Anything at all that does not match the color of your energy field.

Once you’ve identified this foreign energy, begin to imagine yourself removing it, and dropping it down your tree trunk to the core of the earth. One by one, imagine yourself peeling away the clouds, plucking the needles, or pulling out the stakes, and dropping them down to the earth. Keep doing this until all of the foreign energy is removed.  

Once you’ve practiced this technique a few times, you will be able to ground yourself and remove energy from your field very quickly - in less than 5 minutes.

Step 3:  Apply A Protective Shield

Once you’ve rooted yourself into the earth, and removed all the existing foreign energies, the final step is to protect yourself from absorbing any negativity, or any energy from others that would be unhealthy for you to experience - anger, guilt, resentment, anxiety, sadness, physical pain, tiredness, worry, fear, etc.

There are 2 main types of shields - white light or purple light. Both are protective but serve different purposes.  

White light is non-permeable (which means nothing can come through it) and blocks ALL energies, emotions, entities, and spirits.  It's difficult to receive intuitive information while inside a white light bubble, readily receive guidance from the spiritual realm or perceive your surroundings with clear accuracy - you are blocking everything out with a white light shield. White shields, while very useful are very similar to physical brick walls - nothing can get through them! The most useful time to use this bubble is when you are in an emergency and need immediate and fast protection.

Purple light is permeable, and blocks out lower and negative energy and entities. You can receive intuitive information, and receive energy that is positive and at or above the energetic vibration where you are currently. This means you are still able to receive information from higher spiritual realms and absorb energy that would be beneficial to you. Applying this shield is best for when you would like like to receive information intuitively, absorb positive energies, and observe that which is going on around you.

After you have grounded yourself and removed foreign energies from your energy field (within the same sitting), you are ready to apply a protective shield around your energy field.  

To apply a protective bubble, imagine your body and your aura, then imagine yourself being enveloped by either a white or purple bubble, whichever you choose. Imagine it firmly in place and surrounding your body - including above your head and beneath your feet. That’s it!

I also like to call upon my Spirit Guides to assist me in applying a protective bubble around my aura, though you don’t HAVE to do this. If you’d like to, in your head, or out loud, you can call upon your guides by saying something along the lines of, “I now invite my highest, greatest, and most loving guides to be with me and assist in protecting me from negative energy."

Thank your Guides if you’ve asked them for help, and you’re done. What I've covered here are three techniques for energy healing yourself of negativity and other forms of energy that may be unhealthy for you to carry around. There are many others out there, these are just a few to get you started. 

With Love,

Sarah Petruno 

Sarah Petruno is a shamanic energy healer who works within the Energetic and Spiritual Realms to assist her clients in healing their mind, body, and spirit. Sarah enjoys teaching empowering others to take charge of their energetic and spiritual well being through blogging and shamanic coaching sessions.