When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

This question is one of the most commonly asked questions in readings and when I went to my very first mediumship reading, it was the question I wanted answered, but was far too afraid to ask! While there are many variations on this question, most of them involving frustration surrounding the WHEN aspect of meeting your soulmate, and when wanting answers about your soul mate, it's primarily rooted around the same inquiry:

When and how can I meet someone who loves and accepts me unconditionally, for exactly who I am at this moment, without judgement or fear?

And before we go any further, I want to take a moment to say that, right now, at this very moment some has and does love you, exactly as you are . . .but, their love may be shrouded in the very thing that prevents them from showing it to you - fear. You may already know that someone loves you, and then you also know, that it’s not in the way you want to be loved. Does this mean you are too picky? Of course not. It just means you know what it means for you to feel loved.

In many cases, in order to meet your soul mate - your loved ones, guides, and Angels will come through in sessions with a suggestion:

Find out what you need to feel loved and accepted unconditionally within yourself and we’ll give you the person who is capable of loving you unconditionally in this way.

Still don’t know what you need to feel loved? Still have parts of yourself, previously avoided, that are waiting to be accepted by you? Accept yourself unconditionally and wholeheartedly, and your soul mate awaits.

At this point though, you may be asking yourself, wait one second, my one friend so and so, is an emotional nightmare and SHE has met her soul mate. What is going on here? I’m ready now. I need support now.

Well, I’m glad you asked! This brings up to the definition of what a soul mate is.

soul mate: Defined.

A soul mate is any person, romantic or otherwise, who is brought into your life to open your heart, assist you in your soulful growth and development, and bring you to reaching a new stage of loving yourself and others.

Yes, as you think about this definition you may be realizing. . . you have more than one soulmate. You may even hate this person right now, for breaking open your heart, and causing you to experience pain. What comes of fully experiencing a broken heart?


A lesson of what real love actually is and feels like.  Thus, not all of your soul mates (who I’m now referring to as ‘soul teachers’) are meant to be your life partner in romantic love. They are meant to be healers and teachers to assist your own soul in healing and releasing of patterns and fears that prevent you from loving fully. Many of your soul teachers come into your life at certain times and assist you in opening your heart and soul, many times, facilitated by teaching a difficult, hard earned lesson. Then, they leave. This is completely natural, as yes, there are other soul mates for you to meet.

Occasionally, your guides and Angels will bring you your life partner early on, and the two of you weather hardships and storms together - and other times, your guides and angels feel that it is better for you to learn how to love yourself and weather the storms alone - so that upon meeting your soul teacher for life, you are solo strong enough to experience and understand the lessons that they will bring to you.

While many soul teacher relationships are romantic, you may have soul teachers who are children or nieces, mothers and fathers, friends and coworkers - some of which may be very difficult relationships for you to deal with - as your soul teacher’s job, remember, is to assist you in learning the lessons necessary for you to experience and receive love in a higher capacity. To do this, you learn overcome fear, jealousy, resentment, anger, expectation, bitterness, insecurities, competitiveness, materialism, greed, and more.

Sound like fun, yes? No, probably not. Right. So, at this point, if you are still reading, you may be realizing that yes, you have already met a few of your soul mates!

And now you’re ready to meet the one who loves and accepts you unconditionally, without fear or judgement.

This is your life partner ~ and you may have more than one. The key for you in finding this person is first, love and accept yourself unconditionally.

When you do this, you will learn what your standards are, what you will tolerate and what you will not tolerate. You learn what the love is that you deserve and you know how to spot when this is NOT present. You’ll know how to walk away from those that DO love you - but perhaps don't know how to love you without fear - and how to be OK with this decision. You’ll learn that perhaps, at this stage, you are fully aware of how to love and accept someone unconditionally and that you, soul teacher, are someone else’s lesson of overcoming fear. However, your job is not to force change, your job, as a soul teacher, is to do just that - to teach, accept and love unconditionally - without judgement.

Okay, so when will you meet your soul mate?

If you are asking this question, you are ready to meet your lifetime soul mate and on a soul level you know it’s just around the corner. The reason you are so antsy about it because energetically, you know it’s coming and you are wanting to meet this person right now. Yes, that’s right - the energy and anticipation of meeting your soul mate is present to you now because things are manifesting at current moment, that this bringing this person to you. I’m serious about this. If you asking “When?”, you, as a soul, already know the time is near. Most likely, within the year! Hang tight and remember,

Love and accept yourself exactly as you are - and you’ll be able to spot when this love is present.

With love,

Amanda Linette Meder


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