10 Benefits Of Completing A Psychic Mediumship Training Program

When I was opening my abilities, I started mostly, by teaching myself and reading about 1,000 books and blogs on the topic of spiritual opening and awakening.

Though I had gone pretty far on my own - there’s only so much I could teach myself before I could only advance on  my path by reaching out - and learning from others and meeting friends on my journey.

After I went as far as I could training and learning solo, I started registering for classes and began admitting to others, even in my own circles, I was doing what I was doing - I was surprised.  People started coming out of the woodwork to share with me their spiritual experiences. In opening up to connecting with Spirit, and in turn, connecting with others. I learned I wasn’t alone and advanced my abilities to connect with Spirit. That alone, was rewarding and so validating on my path - and it wasn’t even in the course outline!

Working with others to develop your gifts has so many benefits, even if they may not be included in the written curriculum.

10 Benefits of Psychic Mediumship Training Programs

1. Learn how Spirit Uniquely Connects with You

When learning mediumship on your own, you may be learning how spirit connects, in general, broad spectrum, with most people. In a training program, you’ll be able to hone in on your specific way that Spirit and you work together to develop your natural strengths and bring out your secondary and tertiary abilities. We each connect in a very special way with Spirit - including me and you.

A mediumship training program honors this ability and teaches you how to maximize it for yourself and others.  

2. Learn how to turn up, tune in and manage your abilities

Whether or abilities are out of control, or you are receiving information here and there, or if what you are getting comes an goes from Spirit - in a mediumship training program, you’ll learn how to fine tune and precisely turn that dial to the ‘right’ channel and frequency of connecting with Spirit. You’ll learn how to position your antennae and Spirit to get the best ‘channels’ and information and turn it off all-together when you’d rather relax with a margarita and pamper your own Spirit.

3. Learn how to connect with your personal guides, angels and loved ones

Mediumship isn’t just about connecting with Spirit for other people to bring through their loved ones and angels, it’s also about learning how to connect with Spirit for yourself and for your own benefit. One of the best parts of developing mediumship is having immediate access to the Spiritual Realm - no matter who it is you want to connect with or for!

4. Access Spiritual Guidance on-Demand

When you develop your abilities to connect with Spirit, you’ll have the ability to get information from the Spiritual realm whenever you are personally in need of guidance. While it’s always important to maintain healthy boundaries, developing a relationship with Spirit is almost like having a side-line coach - always available to you for questions about the next play in the game!

5. Connect with like minded folks in a supportive non-judgmental atmosphere

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One of the number one things I hear from people who contact me about mediumship, is that they always felt like they were the different one and that they wish had more friends who understood them in their area. In a mediumship training program, you’ll connect with people just like you, who are looking to understand, manage and develop their unique abilities to help others. It’s refreshing to have found your tribe, sometimes!

From a place of understanding, we learn to connect and explore that connection with Spirit together.

6. Learn how to use your abilities to help others

Connecting with Spirit for others is incredibly validating and personally rewarding. When bringing through guidance from Guides, Angels and Loved Ones to your friends, family and even clients, you are often thanked and validated - people often walk away feeling better, relieved and even personally lifted in their Spirit. Giving the gift of Spirit is like a flower that never stops blooming. Always rewarding and offering beauty.

7. Learn how to cultivate financial abundance with your abilities

Delivering messages from Spirit is a valuable trait - and a lot like having a cartoon of truffle chocolates. While you can most certainly give away truffles for free to everyone you know and love for any reason, you can also exchange value for your abilities to connect with Spirit. It takes training, practice and commitment - just like any profession. And in a mediumship training program, you can learn how to make your gifts work for you and provide you with abundance and resources.

8.Figure out ‘what’s been going on with you’ once and for all

You aren’t alone in your experiences, and there are perfectly understandable explanations for what’s been happening on your Spiritual journey. In a mediumship training program, you’ll learn about many of the things you’ve been experiencing that will help put some of the puzzle pieces together. Light bulbs of understanding and connection will happen. Your experiences will begin to make even more sense than they did before.

And remember, your experiences are more normal than you may think! In fact, my post, "21 signs you're a medium" is one of the most popular on the blog! 

9. Receive validation and affirmation on your life path the work you’ve already been doing with Spirit

In a mediumship training program, you’ll have opportunities to practice your abilities on other students and other people in the real world. In these practice sessions, you’ll receive feedback and validation on the wonderful evidence and information you are capable of providing to others. You’ll learn not that you were making it all up, but rather, that your perceptions and receptions from Spirit are validating for yourself and others.

10. Make new friends

One of the coolest and most rewarding parts of program, aside from the development and understanding of your gift, and learning to deepen your connection to Spirit -  is in the ability to develop and unfold with support, guidance and validation from your peers and mentors. In a mediumship training program, you’ll be reaching out not only to connect with Spirit, but with those who also share your belief and value systems.

These are the benefits of learning how to connect to Spirit in a class or training program.

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