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Ready to live a more intuitive lifestyle? Interested in, or already getting access to divine guidance? Connecting with your Spirit Guides? 

Want to be making contact with the Otherside? Do you know you need to release your fears? Thinking about becoming a professional medium?

Or, simply, just trying this all out? 

whatever it is, you've come to the right place is the largest resource for new mediums on the web, and hello -  I'm Amanda. 

An educator who got out of the formal industry a few years ago, I've since taken my teaching skills and paired them with my ability to see, hear and sense the Spirit World. Once I realized how much my professional background and my natural abilities could help others in need, I started this site. And now you're here. Welcome. 

Just this past year, my website helped over 2 million visitors

My goal is to provide you with down-to-earth information, tips, and techniques to help you better connect with Spirit and understand the Spirit World, as well. I know it can be hard to find tangible psychic information that makes sense, and with my teaching background in the natural sciences, that's what I strive to help with. Working with Spirit has dramatically improved my life in many ways and it can improve your life, too. I'll show you how. You already have the gifts - now it's just time to get going. 

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Meditations are downloadable instantly and available in MP3 format. My current favorite is the Spiritual Gateway Series.  Find this one and many more >>>

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My most popular eBook is The Medium's Toolkit, which you can find along with the other front runner, From Crossing Over to Connectionon this page. 

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From releasing your fears to kick starting your spirit-based business, we have it all. Click here to check out the offerings and enroll in a course today. 

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To save you time, I've gathered together some of the most helpful blogs on my website in the form of resource lists. You can find them here or on the side bar of my main blog

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To save even more time, get the bundle. The Getting Stated Kit includes a copy of the Medium's Toolkit (our best selling ebook), the Spiritual Gateway Meditation series and enrollment in the Open Your Gifts eCourse. Save $20 when purchasing all three together. Meet Your Guides. Tap Into Divine Guidance. Open Your Gifts. Learn more & get your kit here

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