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my Twin Sister - 

Sarah Petruno, shamana

Amanda Linette Meder is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and Sarah Petruno, her sister, is a Shaman.

They both have mediumship abilities. They’re also identical twin sisters.

While Sarah and Amanda are twins, you don’t have to be a twin to have intuitive or spiritual abilities, however, psychic gifts do tend to run in families, and are often passed down through the ancestral line. In Sarah and Amanda’s case, their psychic abilities come from an ancestral line that runs on their father’s Romanian history, and their mother’s Celtic history.

If you, too, have strong intuitive abilities it’s highly likely that someone in your family does as well, even if they may not be publicly accepting their abilities.

Sarah and Amanda were each given unique intuitive gifts, and each gift was passed down, from a different individual in the ancestry.  Amanda’s mediumship gift was also shared by our father, his mother, and her mother, and her mother before that. 

Sarah’s energetic healing abilities have previously only been passed down to males in the ancestral line, her gift was also shared by her uncle, then skipping two generations to her great-great grandfather. Because their gifts are so different, Sarah and Amanda can use their abilities to compliment each other, strengthening the other where one is weaker. Sarah helps reminds Amanda when to ensure her own proper energetic alignment, when to cleanse her energy, and how to work with her clients and those she loves on a more energetic and healing level. Amanda will often work with Sarah and assist her to identify the identity and messages of the Spirits that Sarah can sense are present.

In addition to working with the Spirit world to offer you healing messages, energetic support, guidance, and love, Sarah and Amanda also have ‘normal lives’. Amanda enjoys yoga, going to flea markets and antique festivals, working with plants and recently obtained an M.S. in Plant Sciences from Auburn University. Sarah currently teaches University classes in Psychology, in addition to her shamanic healing practice, and recently obtained her M.S. in Behavioral Psychology from UW-Madison. She enjoys attending farmer’s markets, and is a wife and mother to a beautiful, baby girl.

What are the differences in your abilities?

Sarah Petruno (Right), Cora Petruno (Sarah's daughter, Middle), Amanda Linette Meder (Left)

Sarah Petruno (Right), Cora Petruno (Sarah's daughter, Middle), Amanda Linette Meder (Left)

Amanda is a clairvoyant medium who specializes in connecting you directly with deceased loved ones, spirit guides and angels on the other side.

Sarah is a shamanic healer who, through her connection to both the Physical and Spiritual realms, has the ability to see, feel, and heal the energetic imbalances and blockages within others.  

Both Sarah and Amanda are clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and deliver healing information from Spirit, directly to you. While Amanda specializes in delivering messages, evidence of life after death, and insight on your soul’s path from your loved ones, Sarah specializes in delivering targeted healing energy and information to help you heal emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Do you offer joint sessions?

We are in the process of developing one-on-one private sessions to best serve our clients. 

What is it like to be psychic and twins?

It’s pretty much like being sisters, expect your sister is your best friend and you can give each other readings. While we didn’t always give readings to ourselves or others, we were always very close. We’ve lived together, and while now living separate, we text, chat, and talk multiple times each day. We support each other, speak our minds, and while we still have our disagreements - we are able to understand each other, have more compassion, and be more supportive - since we can easily “see” the other person’s point of view. The biggest advantage to being a twin is having a best friend, all the time. And now that we are both openly practicing our abilities, and understand each other’s lives so deeply, we are able to teach, guide and support each other without judgement.

Can you guys read each others minds?

Just as with any client, we only read each other with permission. Thus, we would not try to figure out or understand the other person’s situation, unless one of us asked the other. It’s more likely though, that we can sense each other’s energy very deeply. We are definitely connected at the heart - thus, when Sarah is experiencing sadness, anxiety, worry, or fear - Amanda will often feel it and vice versa. For example, if Sarah is having a bad day and is feeling a lot of emotional sadness, Amanda will feel these emotions even though we are thousands of miles apart. Many close friends, partners, and siblings also have this connection - you don’t have to be a twin to feel the emotions of another.

Have you ever had a ‘twin experience’ or ‘psychic moments’?

Yes, we have! In the desert of New Mexico, Sarah and Amanda found ourselves stranded with reservations at a hotel with, unbeknownst to us at the time, had a very sketchy and dangerous background. Upon arriving to check-in, Sarah went inside to reserve the room, while Amanda waited outside. As Sarah was checking-in she started noticed many things that intuitively felt very off and not right, with many of the employees and the environment. Meanwhile, Amanda was getting the strong message that they needed to leave immediately. As Amanda was running inside to tell Sarah they needed to leave NOW, Sarah was running outside to tell Amanda they needed to GO now. We ran into each other at the door! Upon high tailing it out of there, we called the police and later learned, from the police, that while the hotel manager was on vacation, his employees, now on illegal drugs, had taken over the establishment and was collecting credit card information and the personal possessions of the hotel guests. Whew!

Since then, we now have learned to collaborate our twin experiences for clients, and we often consult each other to better assist those that we work with - both our clients here on Earth, our Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones in Spirit.

Read Growing up as Psychic Twins: Our Story for more!

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