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Past Life Regression Class

tap into previous lifetimes for personal healing and insight 

Learn how to bring yourself back to previous lifetimes to heal, clear or get insight on current patterns. In this 1.5 hour online class, featuring a channeled lecture and guided regression, Amanda provides you insight into your soul's history and how to access it's core information for healing, growth and karmic restoration. 

This class is meant for all skill levels, even those with no prior experience. If you have experience in regression, taking this class can provide you insights into new, and never before considered methods, that you could easily adapt or add to your current techniques. 

Why is this class being offered? 

Amanda has found that many of her clients are affected by past-lives traumas they experienced back in the witch hunt days. Many current day mediums, channels and healers have past lives as the same. Laden memories of burning, isolation, being called out, humiliated or worse, by friends and family members are some of the biggest unspoken fears affecting many healers from embracing and fully stepping into their gifts. These fears can be so deep rooted, that many are not even consciously aware they are affected. 

Memories of trauma are storied in our cellular and genetic logs. And thus, even if you have not personally had a past life in which you were tortured or threatened from your gifts, perhaps someone in your ancestry has been - and as their direct descendant - these epigenes can be still with you today, affecting the choices you make the the way you present yourself.

Whether you are a medium or not, join us to release your past lives, in this supportive, guided journey class. 

Time and date:

may 19, 2016, 7:00-8:30pm EST

For those who can't be present for the live event or who would like to keep a copy of the class, a complimentary recording of the class following the call will be provided within 2 business days. You must be registered by the start of class to receive the recording. 


Online webinar, participants call in via a unique code they are given following registration, from any telephone worldwide.


Amanda Linette Meder 

Materials required: 

A telephone number for calling into the class and an internet connection for receiving emails from Amanda before and after class is complete. 

As a participant, you'll receive follow along hand-outs 2-3 days before the class itself and a complimentary class recording following the class. 


$25, non-members

$o, members (see discount code)

There is a one-time registration fee of $25 for full enrollment into the class.

Members receive the class as a complimentary element of the Membership Program and Amanda will host a members-only event for personalized Q&A after the call. Please acquire your discount code located on the member resources page prior to check-out. Members who maintain active subscription through May will receive free registration on all upcoming webinars

Register Now: 

Step 1. Purchase your ticket - 

Click on the button above to complete your check-out and reserve your space in the class. You'll have the option to pay via PayPal, Debit and Credit Card.

Step 2. Complete your enrollment

Once your checkout is complete, you'll receive a receipt for your payment and an email titled, Welcome to Class! Complete Your Final Registration NOW. Click on the link within the email and fill out the registration page. Make sure to check your spam, junk or promotion folders for this email. 

Register for Amanda Linette Meder's Online Past Life Regression Class. Walk yourself through a guided regression and learn how to safely take yourself back to previous lifetimes. Learn how to access information and the theory behind why you can use past life healing to heal the present. 

Step 3. You're in! 

Once you complete the final registration, you're in! You'll receive one final conformation email with your unique call in details and all the information you need to be present on class day. 

Getting Ready for Class  . . . 

Within a few days before the start of class, you'll be receiving several handouts to help you prepare for our call. Please check the email you used to register for the webinar for these files. If you have not received anything by the end of the business day on May 18th, 2016, please contact and we'll be happy to resend you the files.

Members . . .  

We'll be hosting a live chat in the Facebook Group after the call for anyone who wants to discus their experience and ask more detailed questions. Join us! 

Not a member yet? 

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Amanda's website - and free webinars is just one of them! If you choose to join the membership after you've registered for this class or within 48 hours after class is complete, please contact once you've enrolled and we'll be happy to provide you a fee reversal on your registration. 

Registration fees for webinars are non-refundable. You must be registered for the class prior to the start of the call to receive the complimentary recording.