Member Monthly Special

every month members receive a special bonus - you must be a member that month to participate

- the October bonus - 

free class registration

spirit visitations

October 20th, 7pm - 8:30pm EST

Registration closed this morning to give us some space to clear and prepare. Event recording will be uploaded tomorrow! 

Each monthly offer expires on the last day of the month and new bonuses are added each month after the 1st. 

Remember your 10% OFF Universal Discount Code: All non-monthly special Meditations, eBooks and eCourses are always 10% OFF for members. Use coupon code ALMPM10DISC at checkout to redeem. 

Previous Monthly Specials: 

these specials were free to members in the previous months, listed below, and many of the items can now be found in the online store via attached hyperlinks

september '16

special member event - The business of spirit class

August '16

40% off all eBooks

july '16

special member event - sunday business brunch

June '16

40% off all meditations, surprise group distance healing

may '16

free registration in the past life regression class

april '16

free registration in the space clearing class

march '16

free registration in the learn to class