How-to Guide on DIY Space Clearing, by Amanda Linette Meder
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How-to Guide: Space Clearing

- clear yourself, your space and your life - 


As a professional medium and ex-science teacher, Amanda Linette Meder teaches her tried and true recipes for total space clearing in this website-only exclusive edition.


Not sure you're doing it right?

After perfecting my own space clearing recipes for years, I've boiled down the most effective techniques into three full, fool-proof formulas. 

This 31-page manual is information packed, while written in a light-hearted, fun-loving tone - in other words - it's an energy clearing while you read! Break up that heaviness as you turn each page, and then put those formulas to work, with Amanda's newest addition to her reading collection.

Hypoallergenic. eBook covers clearing with smoke, sound and light. 


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How-To Guide: Space Clearing


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